Filtermi: World’s First Online Marketplace for AR Social Media Marketing Contents

Filtermi: World's First Online Marketplace for AR Social Media Marketing Contents
Filtermi is helping Instagram business accounts, to empower their social media marketing with creative Instagram and Facebook AR filters, created by Spark AR creators.

A new startup called Filtermi is promising to build the world’s first AR based marketplace platform, which will assist to improve companies’ social media marketing efficiency by creating a safe trading zone between augmented reality project creators and companies. The website, which launched during the period when the coronavirus epidemic affected people’s lives. Many people have started to use and create filters on Instagram at that time. Meanwhile, the marketplace has attracted hundreds of filter creators during its first week. “I am one of the first Spark Ar Studio creators. Because I am a designer, the idea of designing Ar filters without code excited me like other creators, when the Spark Ar Studio first launched. After I designed a few Ar effects for several companies, I realized that getting hired as a Ar creator requires strong communication skills and a long process even if you are hired from freelancer marketplace platforms..” explains Co-founder, Onur Tellioglu. After that, he and his Co-founders came up with the idea “Filtermi”, just after they realized there had to be a solution for the trade process between creators and customers. Like all the other marketplaces, Filtermi has 2 dimensions;

For Creators: An open platform for AR creators who want to share their works and get passive income. Because Filtermi handles the sales process for creators, they can focus on their creativity.

For Businesses: Companies can choose the appropriate content among many AR filters for their own marketing purposes. In that way Filtermi supports companies’ growth by providing more attractive content for their marketing campaigns.

Augmented reality filters are already very popular on Instagram and Facebook since they are an enjoyable tool of social media platforms. The number of mobile AR users globally is expected to reach 2.4 billion by 2023. Moreover, the interest of the advertising industry for augmented reality tools creates a huge financial value. The AR market is a fast-developing ecosystem, and although it is a newly formed industry, market size value has already reached $8 billion by 2020.

The reason behind the fast growth of the AR filters industry is Spark AR Studio, which is an augmented reality platform for Mac & Windows that allows you to easily create AR effects for mobile cameras. Facebook launched Spark AR Studio in 2018. Since then, creating instagram filters became easier than ever. Anyone can learn Spark AR Studio in a week to create instagram filters, and start making money by selling these filters on Filtermi.

As mentioned above, marketing strategies with AR filters is one of the strongest ways to boost your business popularity on social media. Filtermi team believes that most of the small businesses will need instagram filters for their company Instagram accounts. “Filters are much more effective than using photos or videos in social media ads, as filters create interaction between followers..” they said.

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