Tree Removal Firm, Pro Arb Canterbury, Serves New Zealand Since 2012

Tree Removal Firm, Pro Arb Canterbury, Serves New Zealand Since 2012
Celebrating eight years of operation in the North Canterbury, Christchurch, Waimakariri District, and Rangiora., Pro Arb Canterbury comprises certified tree specialists and professional arborists.

Pro Arb Canterbury is pleased to announce that the tree removal firm has reached a milestone of eight years in operation, with founder and local professional arborist Bryce Hannah having accrued many more years of experience in the industry, maintaining and caring for trees in Western Australia. The firm provides several tree-related services, keeping the trees of all types healthy and attractive and removing those that are unhealthy or unwanted. 

The certified tree specialists offer a full range of services, including tree cutting services, tree trimming, pruning and topping, stump grinding and removal, and other services such as shelterbelt trimming and wood chipping. The service area includes Canterbury, North Canterbury, Christchurch, Rangiora, and Waimakariri District.

Bryce’s message explained, “I work closely with my customers because I care about what I do. I strive to meet their needs. I answer all the calls, quote the prices for each project, and make sure that the work is done. The services we provide are personable, professional, and affordable. We will personally visit your property to evaluate the parameters of the project and provide a quote at no cost to you.”

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Pro Arb provides both commercial and residential tree felling and tree removal. The company portfolio includes site clearing for new builds. The firm has the equipment needed to safely and effectively remove trees and branches after a storm or when land is cleared, even if the site is difficult, such as in crowded suburban areas and on steep hillsides. The debris can be efficiently removed without risk to people or structures. 

Pro Arb Canterbury supplies tree services throughout the service area. The menu of work projects includes pruning and thinning, topping and crown reduction, hedge trimming and maintenance, shelterbelt maintenance, and power line tree trimming and vegetation clearance. 

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