New Opportunities with Development of AOI Technology

New Opportunities with Development of AOI Technology

The first application of AOI automatic optical detector comes from the development of “robot “, that is, AOI automatic optical detector is first developed in the research of visual robot. The functional characteristics of AOI automatic optical detector are gradually perfect and developed with the development of industrial automation. Since the industrial automation program has not yet reached the advanced level in foreign countries, the application of AOI automatic optical detector in China is in a rapid development stage, but with the increasing demand for automation in manufacturing industry and the improvement of production quality and management level, China’s demand for AOI automatic optical detector will continue to rise, its development will bring new opportunities to serve machine vision “main battlefield“. ​

At present, machine vision is developing in two directions:​

1. Application in Embedded

In the past decade, embedded products such as sensors and smart cameras have gradually occupied part of the machine vision market. Intelligent camera is a highly integrated micro machine vision system, which integrates image acquisition, processing and communication functions into a single camera, thus providing a multi-functional, modular, high reliability and easy to implement machine vision solution.

The future development direction is that the performance gap between intelligent camera and microcomputer-based machine vision system is becoming smaller and smaller, and intelligent camera will be more and more widely used with its advantages of low cost, simple and easy to use, compact structure and so on. As a result, more and more camera and board manufacturers are developing smart cameras.

2. Application of PC Based Machine Vision

The PC based vision system utilizes PC openness, high programming flexibility and good Windows interface, while the overall cost of the system is low. The PC-Based system usually contains high performance image acquisition card or high speed interface, which can connect multiple cameras and provide library function support for multi-development platform (VC、VB、LabVIEW etc.) in general. Windows application interface is beautiful, accepted by the majority of users. With the development of computer hardware technology, the processing ability of image data is more and more super, which is very beneficial to the development of machine vision. ​

Development Trend of AOI Automatic Optical Detector

1. The development trend of machine vision in technology is digital, real-time and intelligent.

Digital image acquisition and transmission is an inevitable trend in the development of AOI automatic optical detector. More digital cameras, wider image data transmission bandwidth, higher image processing speed, and more advanced image processing algorithms will be more widely used.

2. Prices continue to fall and market share expands rapidly

As the progress of technology and fierce market competition, as well as the localization of many products, the price decline has become an inevitable trend, which means that AOI automatic optical detection technology will be gradually accepted. Besides, the market of AOI automatic optical detector will be increasing. On the one hand, the application field of machine vision products has been adopted, and the dependence on machine vision products will be stronger; on the other hand, machine vision products will be applied to other wider fields.

3. Vision industry is developing more rapidly.

The increase of professional companies, investment and employees in the machine vision industry, and the intensification of competition are the development trends of the machine vision industry in the next few years. As a new industry, the machine vision industry will gradually develop and mature. Will be more and more attention. Competition in the development of the industry will inevitably bring new opportunities and development, but at the same time accompanied by more opportunities.

AOI can be divided according to the detection function: location, defect detection, count / omission detection, dimension measurement
According to its installation carrier can be divided into: online detection system and off-line detection system.

According to the detection technology, there are usually stereo vision detection technology, spot detection technology, size measurement technology, OCR technology and so on.

Machine vision detection is essential to eliminate defects, blurring, debris or indentation to ensure the function and performance of the product. Therefore, it has been widely used in product defect detection and dimension detection in various industries. For example, the visual system can detect many items of the product, the visual system can detect the defects or offset pins of the electronic parts, and the visual system can measure the shape of the syringe parts or distinguish the colors to check the wrong assembly.

At the same time, license plate recognition and flow detection in the transportation industry, packaging detection in the pharmaceutical industry, capacity detection and outer packaging detection in the beverage industry, tobacco label testing and outer packaging testing in the tobacco industry, assembly testing in the automobile industry, printing quality testing in the printing industry, cloth flaw detection in the textile industry, screw detection in the hardware industry, cargo sorting in the transportation industry, fruit sorting in the food industry, welding detection and assembly positioning in the electronic industry, steel plate surface defect detection in the iron and steel industry, intelligent reading meter reading, intelligent meter reading, etc.

Based on the visual detection technology of image processing technology of AOI automatic optical detector, automatic detection of the whole product plays a very important role in controlling the quality of the product and ensuring the quality of the product. It can prevent the outflow of unqualified products and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises obtain not only social benefits, but also AOI automatic optical detector equipment has brought substantial economic benefits to enterprises.

Visual robot automation technology means to ensure the high efficiency and high quality of product processing, reduce the intervention of human factors on the production process, and then improve the working environment and strengthen environmental protection, improve energy efficiency. In the field of intelligent special equipment, we should focus on the development of a new generation of large-scale electric power and power grid equipment, machine vision technology, robot industry, machine vision technology, robot industry, full-section tunneling machine, fast integrated flexible construction equipment, and large-scale advanced and efficient intelligent agricultural machinery.

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