A Leap in Industrial Storage Achieved by YEESTOR

With 13 years of efforts and resource integration, YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as YEESTOR) provides industry clients with one-stop storage solutions including storage controller, industrial storage module, IP and design services, with offers covering consumer, enterprise, industrial, and automotive-grade products.

Taking advantage of developing trends brought by the development of new infrastructure represented by 5G, YEESTOR through its brand SiliconGo launched the industrial storage at the beginning of this year, based on its independently developed IP.


“The movement of heaven is full of power. Thus, a virtuous man makes himself strong and untiring.” This quote comes from “Xiang Zhuan (Overall Image)”, one of Confucius’s commentary books on “Zhou Yi (Book of Changes)”. It indicates that as the movement of heaven (nature) is powerful, a virtuous man, therefore, should strive for self-development and progress, with perseverance and hard work. YEESTOR’s industrial storage road is came from the same spirit.

However, the migration to industrial storage is not easy since the technical barrier poses big challenges on the team in its design and development experience and background, as well as the capability in integrating market resources. Nevertheless, for YEESTOR, this is a road leading to better control and mastery of the core technology. With the leverage of the good performance in the deployment of storage controller, industrial storage is the holy grail YEESTOR is seeking and pursuing. YEESTOR would like to be the explorer and pioneer in this field, and it also denotes the leap forward of YEESTOR’s knowledge and capability.

Then, how can we achieve this leap forward? YEESTOR believes that the success factor of this Go game lies in “technology” and “service”.

In terms of technology, due to the particularity of the industrial market, clients’ demands are quite different from that in the consumer domain. Clients’ requirements vary greatly in the usage condition depending on the market segments. For example, when choosing a storage card, industrial users will pay special attention to its read and write performance and whether it needs power-off protection and wide temperature during application. Features such as reliability, long product life, resilience to a harsh environment, and data security are the main concerns of clients. YEESTOR has a deep understanding of industrial application needs, using first-class expertise to design and manufacture storage applications for different professional fields, and providing clients with long-lasting and reliable products and comprehensive service support.

In terms of service, YEESTOR also shows its innovative mode. With years of experience in the consumer storage market, YEESTOR has a deep understanding of clients’ application scenarios. It can help clients choose suitable storage solutions in advance in the design process, simplify product lifecycle management, reduce total cost, and achieve long-term success.

Technology, service, and ecosystem complement each other and form a benign cycle. YEESTOR’s industrial storage products will better serve application fields such as rail transportation, POS systems, power grids, communications, industrial control, and industrial IOTs.

YEESTOR occupied the golden corners and silver sides of the storage industry chain through its controller. Taking advantage of the macro-environment and holding on to this innovative and untiring spirit, YEESTOR actively explores industrial storage solutions through the brand SiliconGo to open up a new horizon for company development. YEESTOR seeks not only progress and value increase of the company but also a breakthrough in China’s storage industry.

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