Why Annual Furnace Exams are So Important

Why Annual Furnace Exams are So Important

If proper maintenance is one of the most important aspects of homeownership, prevention is the main component of home maintenance. It’s easier to keep problems from arising than it is to stop them once they’ve occurred. Where a home’s heating system is concerned, it’s possible to accomplish that goal with a yearly inspection and professional maintenance. Here are several reasons to have your Raleigh, NC home’s furnace serviced once a year.

Regular Service Keeps Things Running Smoothly

When calling Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. for a yearly heating system inspection, the technician will take several steps. He or she will inspect the unit’s moving parts, replace anything that’s worn out, and lubricate parts when needed. Finally, they’ll check the system’s wiring and inspect the rest of the equipment for other problems.

Tune-Ups Improve Efficiency

Just as new spark plugs and wires will make a car run better, a seasonal furnace tune-up will help a home heating unit run more efficiently. To heat a home properly, a furnace brings air in through a filter.

With time, that filter may become clogged with dirt and dust, causing the furnace to struggle to do its job. The unit’s efficiency will decrease, shortening its lifespan and increasing your utility bill. However, with proper maintenance, these problems can be avoided.

Protecting the Family’s Health

A dirty, neglected furnace air filter may release mold spores and other toxins into the home, causing respiratory illnesses in certain individuals. A well-maintained heating unit will improve the quality of the air inside the home and help everyone breathe easier.

Increasing Unit Reliability

Annual furnace maintenance and inspection allows technicians to detect small problems before they get out of hand. Raleigh HVAC contractors know that customers who regularly schedule maintenance are less likely to experience serious issues at the start of the heating season.

Keeping Indoor Temperatures Consistent

Yearly furnace inspections have another big benefit: they help keep indoor temperatures consistent throughout the season. Allen Kelly’s technicians will, during the inspection process, calibrate the thermostat to ensure that the unit is heating the home reliably and consistently.

Saving Lives

Furnaces that use oil or natural gas as fuel often release exhaust in the form of carbon monoxide. When a unit is working as it should, the gas is removed from the home through exhaust pipes. However, leaks can happen, and carbon monoxide leaks are particularly dangerous. A licensed pro will test a heating unit for leaks during a yearly inspection.

Don’t Wait, Schedule a Furnace Inspection Today

The right time to have a home’s heating unit inspected is before cold weather arrives in the fall. Though most customers schedule furnace inspections in early autumn or the end of summer, it’s better to avoid the seasonal rush by requesting an appointment at the end of spring.

With seasonal service, it’s easy to keep minor heating system issues from turning into big, dangerous, and expensive problems. Customers can click here to view more information on the company or visit https://allenkelly.com/ to schedule service.

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