There Are Signs It’s Time to See a Cardiologist

There Are Signs It's Time to See a Cardiologist

While all doctors are important for patients to see, there is one in particular that usually indicates an emergency, and that is a cardiologist. Patients who live in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area could go to see Carolina Cardiology Associates, cardiologists located in the Piedmont area of South Carolina. However, since cardiologists are medical specialists, a patient may need to be referred by his or her primary care physician. There are other times when it is necessary to see a heart specialist, and this article will address some of these.

Signs That Indicate a Need to See a Heart Specialist 

When a person is experiencing pain in the chest or the heart area, that is a pretty good indicator a cardiologist should be seen as early as possible. If a person has issues with high cholesterol, a cardiologist should be seen for a checkup to evaluate and then keep monitoring the condition. A person who has high blood pressure should also see a heart specialist as should anyone with a family history of high cholesterol or high blood pressure. A person who is a smoker or former smoker should also strongly consider seeing a cardiologist. A person who has gum disease may be surprised that it can lead to heart problems.

More Signs That a Cardiologist Should Be Seen 

People with medical conditions such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease are at high risk for having heart issues and should see a heart specialist. If a person has a peripheral arterial disease or some other arterial condition, a heart specialist should be following his or her progress with the disease. People who are considering starting an exercise regime should see a cardiologist if they are having shortness of breath or other chest issues. Finally, if the person’s primary care physician recommends it, the cardiologist appointment should be made and kept.

Things to Know about Cardiovascular Disease 

The reason it is so vital to see a cardiologist is that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease and related issues are becoming more prevalent in people under the age of 50, and men and women are both impacted. At, interested parties can find out more about heart disease and the importance of seeing cardiologists. Seeing a cardiologist as soon as there are signs of issues is one way to improve the chances of restoring cardiovascular health.

Final Thoughts about Cardiology and Heart Disease 

Since heart disease is known to be a silent killer, people may not want to wait until signs appear. At the Cardiology center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, patients can be assured of getting more accurate diagnoses of their heart-related issues. The 14 medical specialists at the center are fully certified to help those with heart issues. The associates of the heart center also have locations at Fort Mill, South Carolina, and Lancaster, South Carolina. Those who are interested in getting more information about the heart center and the services can visit the website at

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