MiniTool Power Data Recovery to Retrieve Word Document Unsaved

There comes a time when you accidentally close a Word document without saving it, or maybe in a case of a power outage caused the file to close without saving. 

It is very frustrating to find out that after all you did to complete a file it becomes useless because you forgot to save it. If you are lucky, Microsoft Word prepares an auto save copy when you open the Word document again. 

The Word doesn’t always save the document

For example, if the document was opened from a different medium while the medium was ejected, then Word will likely fail when saving the document . However, in this case, in addition to the above message, there may also be something else the file can not access the message. In this way, you can just rewrite the document elsewhere and on your computer, and not to a storage medium. 

There are some nuances: for example, if the file is on a USB flash drive and has not been deleted from the computer, but the document does not find the path to this file. A USB drive can simply disconnected, broken, fail, or cause some other software or hardware error, and therefore Word won’t save the file as always.

Recover unsaved Word document 

Word only offers file recovery on the first restart after a crash. I.e. if you opened Word, closed it, and then decided to reopen it, it has nothing to offer. We recommend that you save everything you need to work on for the first time.

The MS Word document recovery mechanism is very convenient for most Word users. But they won’t work if the auto saved document file is lost due to a virus attack, disk formatting, or accidental deletion, or any other similar reason. And if an auto saved file is missing and a Word document is lost – what should you do in this situation?

You can use one of the Microsoft Office file recovery programs. For example, in this case, MiniTool Power Data Recovery. After downloading and installing the program, run the program and you will be asked to select the drive from which you want to restore the file.

After that, the program will scan your storage medium and display the deleted files for you to preview and save the recovered files in any way convenient for you.

Advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a program designed mainly for data recovery from hard drives, SSDs and USB media. It allows you to restore access to deleted data, regardless of the file type, including email, photos, videos/ audio files, and in this case, Word documents.

More than one person whose document has been damaged has already learned how important a backup is.

  • Simplicity of the interface and ease of use even for less advanced users 
  • Fast scanning of the carrier surface 
  • Contains information about the possibilities of recovering detected files, as well as their names, paths, sizes, modification dates and overwrite statuses

A full, up-to-date list of supported file formats in the data recovery process with additional information with the
free data recovery software can be found on the official websites. 

Nevertheless, for users, there is a real chance of data recovery with the program.

To avoid data loss

Recovery should never be the goal. You should make backups to feel safe. The cost of CD/DVD carriers is relatively low. Depending on the data you want to protect, it is worth saving the most important data to discs on a regular basis and then properly storing them. 

You can also make backups on portable memories. The ideal is to make backup copies on separate media.

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