NUETON Turns Pollutants to Protective Gear with the “the double protection effect”

Providers of innovative face masks, NUETON, transforms plastic water bottles into face masks to protect users and the environment

NUETON is using a double-edged sword with the “the double protection effect” that involves taking plastic water bottles that would ordinarily have polluted water bodies, and transforming them into protective face masks for kids and adults. The initiative is particularly unique and helpful, with an increasing call for ways of managing wastes and protecting the oceans as well as the inhabitants.

Water pollution remains one of the biggest problems in the world today. Unfortunately, several parts of the world face major challenges due to limited freshwater availability. On the other hand, a significant percentage of the limited freshwater resources are contaminated by different pollutants. Plastic waste contributes significantly to the level of water pollution in different parts of the world. While several measures are being taken to correct this unfortunate phenomenon, more needs to be done to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting the environment, which is where NUETON is looking to make a difference starting from recycling plastic water bottles.

The sustainability business model adopted by NUETON is particularly unique, with an all-inclusive approach that ensures the protection of the environment and users of the face mask. The combination of Non-Woven Micro Particulate Layer and nanotech matrix helps to block toxic airborne pollution, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. The four-layered, washable, reusable face masks with nano replaceable filter have both neck strap and earloops for ease of use. The masks come in different designs for men, women, and kids.

Using premium quality materials, especially the fabrics, the face masks are made to offer comfort, without compromising the safety of wearers. The Nueton recycle bottle fabric has a 90% lower carbon footprint than nylon, and 75% lower than polyester.

The idea to found NUETON was inspired by the need to help the community, business, and environment after the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. The company seems to be doing well in this regard, judging by the accolades received so far.

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NUETON was founded to provide premium quality face masks made from recycled plastic. The founder has a background in Data Science & Advanced Analytics Face to Face Trainings/workshops. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of planned conferences and training workshops, which inspired the creation of NUETON to help the community, businesses, and the environment.

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