Prance Gold Holdings now offers commodities arbitrage to help grow an investment portfolio

Prance Gold Holdings now offers commodities arbitrage to help grow an investment portfolio

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Tokyo, Japan – The capital markets offer a variety of trading options for investors with different risk profiles. While investors and traders can opt for different market strategies such as trading and long-term investing, an exciting and profitable option is arbitrage trading. It’s an opportunity that can help any investor benefit from the discrepancies in asset prices on different platforms. Prance Gold Holdings offers an automated arbitrage on a variety of assets, including commodities.

Commodities are an essential aspect of our daily life. A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type. Some examples of commodities are precious metals, oils, and natural gas. Crude oil generally reacts to the laws of supply and demand. The higher the demand, the stable the supply. When that happens, prices tend to rise. When demand wanes, supplies are fairly consistent, leading to a drop in prices. Oil and Gas prices reached historical low prices in 2020, with immense upside potential.

The gold market, on the other hand, boasts diversity and growth. It’s used in jewelry, technology, by foreign exchange reserves, and investors, giving rise to its market at different times within the global economy. The precious metal has traditionally been a safe investment and a hedge against inflation. When the U.S. dollar goes down, you can bet gold prices will go up. For example, due to the recent crisis, the USD prices have been plummeting. This has made billionaire Warren Buffet exit the USD market. Now, he is investing in gold.

For investors, commodities, such as crude oil and gold, are an essential way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional assets. Since the prices of commodities tend to move in opposition to stocks, investors rely on commodities during periods of market volatility.

Prance Gold Holdings knows how commodities are essential in the diversification of a portfolio. That’s why the automated arbitrage platform is now offering commodities as one of the assets you can arbitrage in their platform. The company understands that trading commodities can be tedious and requires advanced knowledge for investors to enjoy this asset’s potential fully; that’s why trading commodities are now more accessible.

“With Prance Gold, investors and traders can now enjoy profiting from this asset without being an expert in this market. Through our automated platform, investors are not required to do anything to profit. All they have to do is invest the asset, and our platform will do the trades for them. They need to wait until the profit is generated,” explains Andre Gerald, Chief Executive Officer of Prance Gold Holdings.

Both novice and experienced investors can arbitrage with commodities using the Prance Gold automated platform. Trading commodities can be a lot of work, mostly when different commodities are offered on different platforms. But with Prance Gold Holdings, investors don’t need to keep track of all the platforms because the company will do that for them.

About Prance Gold Holdings

Prance Gold Holdings is a technology firm focused on the growth of digital assets for retail and corporate firms through transparent, short to mid-term digital asset arbitrage on world-renowned major exchanges around the world. The company offers everyone ultra-short-term investment opportunities as short as seven hours, simply by parking their idle balances in its high performance and secure platform for arbitrage trading.

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