Real Estate Expert Justin Colby Talks About Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium for Single-Family Mortgages

Phoenix is known for its increasing real estate investment opportunities over the year. Investors around the world are keeping their eyes on the Phoenix real estate market to grab the best profits. Justin Colby is a famous coach and real estate investor who is working in the Phoenix metropolitan area from the past several years.

He is one of the most reputed and recognized coaches and mentors in the United States. Justin Colby has introduced The Science of Flipping Podcast program. He is also active in the field of Real Estate industry and has flipped more than 1500 homes in the multiple markets. Within the past few years, he has advised more than 1000 clients on how to nurture the journey as a real estate investor.

After the successful launch of his podcast, Justin Colby decided to write his first book entitled “The Science of Flipping: A Proven Formula for Successful Real Estate Investing.” This book is loaded with valuable stuff relevant to systems and principles used by Justin throughout his journey to becoming a successful real estate investor and coach. This book can help beginners to understand simple steps to lead investments in the competitive real estate market with streamlined processes. Clear guidelines can help you to get rid of all the confusion while achieving incredible results.

If we look at the current market updates, prior to the formation of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic security Act (CARES Act), the Housing and Urban Development Secretory implemented eviction and foreclosure moratorium for all the single-family mortgages that are insured by Federal Housing Administration.

Justin Colby believes that when this moratorium will be lifted, it will cause huge trouble to the homeowners. It is important to mention that when people do not pay rent for their living space, it poses a considerable financial burden on the shoulders of the homeowner. When the rent payments are missed for 4 to 6 months, it means that the homeowner will not be able to arrange mortgage payment for the same amount of time. Colby considers this an opportunity for successful real estate investors. Probably, they can help homeowners to come out of this difficult situation. When govt norms are getting tougher against homeowners and landlords, they need some additional support from existing players in the real estate market. Investors can make the best out of this scenario, and they need to stay prepared ahead of time.

About Justin Colby:

Justin Colby is the founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program and is an active Real Estate investor, having flipped over 1500 homes in multiple markets. As a coach and mentor, he has advised 1000s of clients on how to become a real estate investor and is a recognized national public speaker. You can find many of his inspiring and knowledgeable videos online to learn more about the real estate market in Phoenix.

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