New cloud app Clickforce makes TCPA compliance easier for call centers

Clickforce is a cutting-edge cloud app which enables call centers to quickly make calls manually and eliminates automatic calling to save call centers from TCPA lawsuits.

Houston, TX – September 29, 2020 – No more worries over TCPA lawsuits for non-compliance to the Act’s regulations. Leading tech firm SST Partners has recently launched an innovative cloud-based application that is specifically designed to help call centers run a TCPA-compliant business conveniently. Titled “Clickforce”, the app eliminates the use of an ATDS or random number generator for calls and banks on manual initiation while making calls to consumers. 

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) Act of 1991 was issued to check the growing concerns over unwanted and aggressive telemarketing calls made to consumers, often without their consent. The Act strictly prohibits unsolicited calls in telemarketing made using automated phones or an ATDS (Automatic Telephone Dialing System). The TCPA defines an ATDS as a device that can store or produce telephone numbers to be called and uses sequential or random number generators to make automated calls that don’t take into account consumer permission.  

“Clickforce is your one-stop solution to protect your call center from the risks of TCPA lawsuits lodged against unsolicited use of an ATDS.  Our unique cloud app works to combine powerful consumer data to identify cell phone numbers and assure compliance with the dialing restrictions call centers face under the TCPA while  allowing agents to dial numbers ‘manually’ with just the click of a button. It’s the ‘manual initiation’ part that helps call centers avoid making automatic unwanted calls to consumer cell phones in full compliance with the TCPA regulations”, stated Ron Rovall, the Managing Partner of SST Partners. 

Per the statements of Mr. Rovall, development of the app started several years ago when SST Partners became an authorized developer for the Five9 Call Center System and the product has successfully passed through rigorous testing phases before officially arriving in the market. 

“Clickforce is the ‘quicker clicker’ for manual calling.” 

Clickforce is fully integrated with Five9 and provides the call center application with the ability to have click to dial functionality as well as seamlessly integrating 3rd party consumer contact data directly into the application. As a result, Clickforce can eliminate any automated calls to consumer cell phones and eventually unwanted charges under the TCPA.

While asked about the operating principle of Clickforce, Mr. Rovall mentioned two easy steps –

  • Agents using Clickforce will be able to select a campaign and then choose an individual phone number that would be called from that campaign

  • Once the user selects the number to be called, the call would be manually initiated with a simple click of a mouse and the number would be dialed.

All calls that would be made from the Clickforce application are always selected by a call center agent and most importantly, manually initiated. 

“One of the prime reasons why call centers would need Clickforce is that the new app prohibits the ability of an agent from making even a single call without human interaction. In other words, it brings an additional layer of security to your call center from unwanted TCPA lawsuits.”

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