One stand that fits all, Muki brings a slim and portable stand easily applicable to all laptops, mobile phones and tablets

Muki has innovated the world’s smallest stand multipurpose stand. The Muki BounceMan takes care of the laptop’s cooling system at the same time providing an ergonomic design to protect the neck, wrists and the using posture of the users. The stand can also be used for mobile phones and tablets for watching movies, videos, facetime and web surfing. On 16th September, Muki BounceMan was brought up for funding on Kickstarter so that Muki team can continue making amazing products.

Palm Springs, CA, USA – Using a laptop daily can be tiresome, especially when the user keeps looking at the screen for too long and has to type with the keyboard. Typing on a laptop can be weary; to solve this problem, Muki has devised a small and simple flick stand, under the name of Muki BounceMan that can easily be attached to the laptop. MUKI BounceMan uses a spring-assisted mechanism that takes just 0.3 second to open and fold in one quick motion. Activate the switch and Whala, the stand automatically extends and stands on its own. Fold it in and it will be locked securely in place. Easy for anyone to use.

In addition to laptops, this flick stand can also be attached to mobile phones, tablets, keyboards and other such devices. Muki BounceMan immediately provides comfort to the neck, improves posture, provides better airflow for the laptop and enables the users to enjoy long usage without feeling tired.Muki BounceMan is very easy to use and easily applicable. Just clean the surface of the device, peel off the stick tape from the stand and just apply to the device. With the thickness of a coin, the stand doesn’t even feel like it’s there, making it invisible and portable.

Made with Zinc alloy, Muki BounceMan is sturdy and strong, it can handle the weight up to 22 KG or 48 LBS. Once opened to take the formation of a stand, Muki BounceMan turns into the shape of a triangle, which is the strongest shape and can handle much force applied to it. Moreover, the use of Zinc rather than Aluminium makes it more robust, since Zinc provides better corrosion resistance, stability, strength and gives an attractive luster look.

Muki is a team of dedicated engineers and creative people, who are meticulous into producing products for people to be used in their daily lives. The team strives to make simple products that can be used by everyone; the intuitive design by Muki is proof of that. Muki BounceMan is one such example, the latest invention by Muki, which is up for funding on Kickstarter. A good project always needs help from people, and so does Muki BounceMan.

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