New Startup Aims to Help Keep Businesses Open and Employees Safe With Wearable Alert Device

New Startup Aims to Help Keep Businesses Open and Employees Safe With Wearable Alert Device

Jeff Rose, Randy Kane and Craig Goldstein, co-founders of the startup Tadsafe™, LLC,  have developed a cost-effective wearable “Temperature Alert Device™”, known as TAD™, that automatically takes the wearer’s wrist skin temperature every 15-minutes.

TAD is a lightweight, wearable bracelet that monitors skin temperature and the wearer can also take it manually at any time, if an immediate reading is needed.  The wristband lights up in the 3 colors of a stoplight: green for normal temperature, amber for temperatures between 99.6° and 100.3° and red for temperatures above 100.6°.  If an elevated temperature persists with an individual, that employee can be removed from the work area and evaluated by a medical professional, if needed. This may prevent anyone else in the employees proximity from being infected if they are deemed to be ill after being evaluated.

Body temperature is the most commonly used vital sign to identify an illness by doctors in all specialties.  The TAD provides a level of comfort to both the wearer, as well as their coworkers in close proximity, as an elevated temperature could be a fever, which continues to be a hallmark of some viruses — including Covid — and other infectious diseases.

TAD was developed with the idea to help businesses open — and stay open — through the pandemic and beyond, by protecting employees and thus a business’ bottom line.  It’s not a medical device or a smartwatch and is not connected by bluetooth or to Wifi. This ensures that there is not an invasion of any employees privacy.  It’s powered by a simple rechargeable battery, with a battery life of up to 24 hours.  Recharging the battery is done by simply plugging it into a USB adaptor in a wall or directly into a computer.  It was designed to be affordable for the average consumer, as well as for a business owner to provide for all employees — whether in a small office with only a few workers or larger manufacturing facilities with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

This is also a great public relations opportunity for businesses to show their employees and communities they care about the people who work for them and are serious about their safety — particularly during the pandemic.

The goal of the founders is to create “TAD safe” facilities throughout the US and beyond in order to get the economy back on track, keep workers safe and businesses open.

For more information, please contact Randy Kane at the numbers or email below or visit to learn more:

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