New Zealand EZZ launches the latest NMN and successfully obtains TGA certification

NMN market is going to usher in a new product! Recently, Australia’s TGA officially approved a product with a single NMN content of up to 150000 CG, the global market attention is exploded. The new NMN is produced by New Zealand’s leading brand of genetic technology, EZZ. It is jointly developed by The New Zealand Genetic Research Centre and the Auckland University of Technology’s Genetic Research Centre. This new product will soon lead the global NMN industry into a new era.


It is said that since the beginning of 2017, the NMN industry has been carring out rapid growth across the world, attracting many business leaders. Up to now, there are more than 100 brands in NMN market. How sacred Ezz is to be able to create the fourth generation of NMN? It is reported that Ezz Life Sciences Group is one of the largest gene technology companies in New Zealand. It relies on the research and development results of New Zealand gene research center and gene research center of Auckland University of technology. In 2019, Ezz, based on the exploration of industrial NMN, aimed at the difficulties in absorbing and transforming NMN in the market, relying on the exclusive research and development of targeted flash charging technology, Ezz changed the market structure of NMN at one stroke, and officially made New Zealand the industrial center of the third generation NMN in the world. EZZ NMN Gene Energy Tablet has become a hot-selling product in more than 5000 offline channels in Australia and New Zealand and 22 countries and regions around the world.


Industry insiders say that the brand new generation of EZZ NMN gene energy tablet will initiate an era high concentration of NMN. The new generation of EZZ NMN produced by high-density refine process has as much as 150,000 MCG in a single tablet, and one tablet can top 5 general NMN. Furthermore, Ezz NMN has as high as 98% absorption and transformation rate relying on gene technology targeted absorption technology, which is different from the 30% conversion rate of mainstream products in the market.

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