“Digger and Friends: Let’s Build a House” New Book by Douglas Rowley – A Little Story That Builds Imaginations

Digger and Friends: Let’s Build a House by Douglas Rowley is a beautiful little tale that allows your little ones to share in the joy of building from the moment they get started. It certainly taught us a lot and sparked our imaginations into life, so we decided to sit down with the author and hear his thoughts and learn about his ideas when he was writing the book.

“I loved the process of building my own house from an empty lot because it gave me the freedom I needed to get truly creative. When I realized how enthralled my grandkids were by the journey I went on I soon saw that I had a chance to tell them about what I do, get them thinking, and teach them a few practical things along the way. The equipment in Digger and Friends is about half-size to the construction industry’s ‘normal’ size.

The grandkids enjoyed playing on and with the smaller size tools and Digger, in Particular, was “just the right size” for the middle granddaughter. See the picture of her addictive smile.

Before long I was being asked to tell the story over and over again, so I decided to pick up my pen and put it all down on paper.”

It’s amazing that the book came from such a loving beginning, but how did he make the decision to share a family story with the rest of the world?

“I just saw the look on their faces every time I told them the story, and I loved the questions they’d ask me about it and the ideas it would prompt them to come up with. From that moment I knew I had to do something that would allow me share this same experience with parents and grandparents all over the world. It was also great that the equipment was roughly half-size – that gave the grandkids the chance to really have fun. Digger, in particular, had this way of bringing out such a beautiful smile on my middle grand daughter Shyanne’s cute little face!”

“I was hooked on those moments of wonder you could see in a child’s eyes, so I just knew that deep down inside me I had to share my story with the world. I came up with characters, had some beautiful artwork done, and then polished everything up so that it was ready to be enjoyed!”

It’s a lovely way to talk through the creative process, but can we expect anything else to come from his pen in the years ahead?

“Actually the next book is already at the illustrator’s, and a third is also in the pipeline! We hope to have “Digger and Friends – Earth Day” out before Christmas to inspire every little one to help take care of our planet. By taking the time to put pen to paper and share my words with the world, I really do sincerely hope that I can spark imaginations into life all over the world. I know from my own experience that there’s no better feeling than seeing a little one in awe of what you’re telling them, so having the chance to speak to thousands of little people is something I really do value. If a project came to my mind that would allow me to go on this type of journey again, I’d certainly consider it!”

To treat a little one with a big imagination to a tale that’s sure to make them smile, visit Amazon.com today.

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