Can Startups And Medium Companies Deliver Enterprise Technology Faster Than The Industry Giants?

Can Startups And Medium Companies Deliver Enterprise Technology Faster Than The Industry Giants?
Every executive sitting on the high desks of the largest multinational corporations in the world knows one thing for sure – Digital Transformation is inevitable and rapid transformation is at the utmost necessity to cope with such uncertain times. You know what else they know? Enterprise technology solutions required for their Digital Transformation Journey can be perfectly delivered by startups and medium enterprises.

Although considered as a boring topic among the tech industry, enterprise software is gaining light in the new era of digital transformation as it gets a significant CoVID-19 push to speed-up the transformation pace to cope with drastically changing situations.

Despite the pandemic driving an economic downturn, software spending on cloud-based enterprise apps will increase by 6.8%. In comparison, spending on on-premises software will decline by 15.2% in 2020 based on Gartner’s latest forecast analysis.

“Enterprise had become a dirty word, but there’s a resurgence going on and Enterprise doesn’t just mean big and slow anymore,” said JD Trask, co-founder of Raygun enterprise monitoring software. “I view the modern enterprise as one that expects their software to be as good as consumer software. Fast. Easy to use. Delivers value.”

Note the words – Fast. Easy to use. Delivers Value.

Now, when a need for a technology vendor arises at the high gardens, the following question has always been wandering around the minds of the executives at the board table of multinational corporations.

Can startups and medium enterprises deliver Enterprise Software better, faster, cost-effective and with more agility than the industry giants?

According to Nithin AG – CEO at HappLabs Tech Inc., Enterprise software, and Digital Transformation is no less of a buzzword than Artificial Intelligence. The ground-level fact remains that numerous startups have been supporting MNCs across non-tech industries to build enterprise-grade applications through ages. Proving their competencies and capabilities by exceeding the benchmarks of the industry.

Unfortunately, to this date, large corporations are hesitant to work with smaller companies due to a number of presumed reasons such as – inability to deliver projects, scale, experience, and rather fall for the branding and legacy of the giants.

Nithin also goes to say that – Startups are a match at almost every level when it comes to competing with the tech giants of the world. In fact, Happlabs has proven this when they delivered a large scale software application to one the world’s largest players of Insurance Brokerage at 30% faster and with a spend of at least 110% lower than what the company would have spent on industry giants.

Nithin along with his core team at HappLabs aims to be a voice in the industry that strives to change the mindset across the boards and drag them towards establishing trust and confidence in reliable startups.

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