Breakthrough Kings Set to Rebuild Kings with their Life-changing Program

Innovative new business, Breakthrough Kings, launches a life-changing program to help men live their full potentials

Breakthrough Kings was created by Mike Williams, a speaker, entrepreneur, coach, trainer, and a finance expert to help millions of men find their life purpose and create a legacy for future generations. Mike and his team have introduced a life-changing program that includes several life-transformational services to help men unpack their pain, overcome their trauma, find their purpose, and build a diverse portfolio, as Mike shares his wealth of experience and expertise using several platforms.

Millions of men in different parts of the globe deal with several challenges in their daily lives. While some come out of such situations victorious, usually due to a strong support system, tons of others are often overwhelmed by these challenges. Consequently, they fail to achieve their dreams, a phenomenon that unfortunately snowballs to affect future generations. Over the years, several guides and resources have been developed to inspire men to greatness. Unfortunately, many such resources tend to be abstract and ultimately failing to address the needs of users, which is where Mike Williams looks to make a difference through Breakthrough Kings.

In line with the company’s motto of “rebuilding kings one crown at a time,” Breakthrough Kings delivers inspirational resources designed to take each client by the hand and show them practicable, relatively simple, yet effective ways of becoming the kings they are. Breakthrough Kings focuses on the 4 core principles of building a throne – family, community, leadership, and success.

The services offered by Breakthrough Kings are categorized into 5 – Breakthrough Session with Idea Mapping, D.I.S.C. Assessment, The Breakthrough System, Extreme Execution System, and Automated Income System.

The Breakthrough Session is designed to provide an in-depth look at the client’s vision, barriers, lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals to better identify the areas of concern to create the blueprint to success. The D.I.S.C. Assessment by a Certified DISC Trainer aims to discover behavior patterns, understand blind spots, and how to use these methods to gain the winning advantage over life challenges and business competitors.

The company’s Breakthrough System is an impactful and highly effective system designed to heal past traumas and uncover the underlying issues hindering the client’s progress in multiple areas of life. Mike Williams aims to teach his clients how to leverage the internet to scale their business and generate a 6-figure income using a simple and proven system through the company’s Automated Income System. The Extreme Execution System is developed as a well-crafted and highly productive system to help men refocus and gain clarity and perform at a high level daily to execute them short-term and long-term goals.

The comprehensiveness of the solutions offered by Mike Williams and the Breakthrough Kings team make the company the ideal success partner.

Breakthrough Kings has a website, social media pages, and a nightly podcast to reach tons of men across the globe.

For more information about Breakthrough Kings and the solutions offered, please visit – Breakthrough Kings can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

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