Navigation for Daily Living Launches Akashic Astrology Shop

Navigation for Daily Living Launches Akashic Astrology Shop

San Francisco, CA – Sep 30, 2020 – Navigation for Daily Living, the company that helps thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and creatives navigate their business, relationships, and personal life, today announced the launch of Akashic Astrology Shop on Etsy and its website.

The first twelve digital products featured on The Akashic Astrology Shop divide into two product lines. The first product line is Astrology Reports, which include the following reports: Birth Chart and Natal Report, 3-Month Horoscope Transit Report, 6-Month Horoscope Transit Report, 12-Month Horoscope Transit Report, Relationship Synastry Compatibility Report, Relationship Report, and Composite Chart, and a Solar Return Report. The second product line is Akashic Record Reports that include the following: Soul Profile and Mini-Clearing, Situation Analysis Reading and Clearing, Blocks and Restrictions Reading and Clearing, Relationship Analysis Reading and Clearing, and Property Clearing. These products are customized to each person and help them understand their current situation, influenced by past life karma, ancestral karma, and early life programming. 

“The self-help industry is inundated with cookie-cutter solutions that do not meet the needs of the one-of-a kind individual. With the launch of Akashic Astrology Shop, we want to make available, affordable reports that speak to our customers and their unique life experience,” said Nina Benday, founder of Navigation for Daily Living. Navigation for Daily Living is leveraging the latest in technology and scaling to provide these solutions to the general public. We want to strengthen our client’s relationship with our brand, as we provide tangible ways through these products for them to design a life they consciously create.”

The launch of the Akashic Astrology Shop allows Navigation for Daily Living to continue to enable its clients the ability to gain insights into their life path, business, and relationships. Navigation for Daily Living works with innovative and aspiring game-changers and trend-setters looking to solve the world’s biggest problems, on ethical step at a time for generations to come.

About Navigation for Daily Living

Navigation for Daily Living has devoted itself to empowering and transforming thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and creatives businesses, relationships and lives since 2017. With unique offerings that include Akashic Record Readings, Astrology, and proven-coaching techniques, Navigation for Daily Living is all about customizing its services to meet the unique needs of the individuals it serves. Through daily practices, inner-work, clear direction, and focus, Navigation for Daily Living has worked with hundreds of clients to get results in their business, relationships, and life goals. Navigation for Daily Living focuses on helping clients navigate daily life and resolve past trauma while building a legacy for generations to come.

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