KeyChain Locksmith Services Reveals Trade Secrets of Locksmiths

KeyChain Locksmith Services Reveals Trade Secrets of Locksmiths
In a recent public service announcement, KeyChain Locksmith Services, KC, shared trade secrets of locksmiths.

Kansas City, MO – Oct 2, 2020 – KeyChain Locksmith Services in Kansas City, Missouri, wants to share with the public some trade secrets that locksmiths have learned from years of experience.

The most important secret is that cheap keypad locks are simply not safe. They can be hacked quite easily. KeyChain Locksmith Services recommends that homeowners get a least a grade 2 lock if they want a safer keypad lock.

KeyChain also says that car owners and homeowners should try the simplest idea first. Locksmiths often arrive at the scene of a lockout only to find out that the homeowner or car owner did not check other doors first. The back door may have been open. Or an upstairs window was open and all that was needed was a ladder. Or KeyChain Locksmith Services will discover that the locked car can be accessed through the trunk without harming the car locks

KeyChain Locksmith Services also indicated that the public often doesn’t realize that the best kind of home lock is a deadbolt lock. Contractors may push people to install an electronic keypad, thinking that is the safest lock. When a deadbolt is installed with a one-inch throw and a security plate, it is just about impossible to break into. A criminal of course could break down the door, but the deadbolt will certainly slow down break-in attempts. 

KeyChain Locksmith Services also said the most important secret to share with the public will save people a lot of money. KeyChain Locksmith Services can duplicate locking car key fob entry systems. This saves the public from having to pay the high prices of a car dealership.

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