Virtual Physician Scribes is Proud to Launch Virtual Medical Scribes, Helping Doctors Increase Efficiency in a Busy Practice

Virtual Physician Scribes is Proud to Launch Virtual Medical Scribes, Helping Doctors Increase Efficiency in a Busy Practice
Charting physician-patient interaction in real-time can be stressful, especially when there is a lot that goes into a visit. To ease the process, Virtual Physician Scribes is proud to offer physicians a service that simplifies their worry when it comes to chart work. With Virtual Medical Scribes, physicians can now focus on what is most important to them – treating patients – while the trained experts handle their other documentation needs.

Austin, TX – Announcing the service offered by the team at Virtual Physician Scribes, Ashwin George, the Chief Operating Officer for VPS noted that the service is designed primarily with medical professionals in mind. Medical professionals, with help from medically trained scribes, can focus more on their patients, enjoy improved productivity while also shortening the patient’s wait time. 

With Virtual Physician Scribes, physicians get to enjoy a wide range of advantages including reduced documentation time, as the expertly trained virtual scribes save them from the time wasted on data entry into the EMR. Whether the physician chooses to do the charts in the examination room or at a later time, they can rest assured that the scribes will save them between 3-5 minutes on each documentation process.

Adding to the ease of the documentation process and cutting back time spent charting patient-physician interaction, physicians will also be able to guarantee a better satisfaction rating for their patients. Each visit will be more personal without the physician having to worry about the documentation process. With Virtual Medical Scribes, patients will feel more comfortable through the illusion of privacy offered.

The team behind Virtual Physician Scribes has also made sure that the entire process is HIPAA compliant, which means that physicians do not have to worry about the safety and security of a patient’s data.

With Virtual Physician Scribes, physicians stand a chance to make more revenue, as they can attend to more patients with the time shave offered on charting by the product. Furthermore, Virtual Physician Scribes is designed with physician satisfaction in mind, this means that they can now rest easy knowing they have assistance with documenting private and relevant information supplied by the patient.

Regarding virtual scribes, the spokesperson for Virtual Physician Scribes said, “Virtual scribes can help alleviate the stress that a physician or doctor may encounter by having to chart electronic medical records (EMR). Services like those provided by Virtual Physician Scribes can help doctors increase efficiency in a busy practice. Live Scribing or Transcription + offer scribes that are highly trained in the medical field, EMR, and ICD-10 codes. By having a medical scribe, a physician can help prevent what is known as “physician burnout”. This is a huge problem in the medical field and can lead to lower medical quality care due to the chaotic structure of an organization.“

Virtual Physician Scribes is located at 501 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, US, and can be reached by phone at (833) 872-7423. For additional information, send an email to or visit the company’s website.

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