Entrepreneur Tanner Adams Debuts CelebVue to Help Artists and Bands Earn via Digital Platforms

Entrepreneur Tanner Adams Debuts CelebVue to Help Artists and Bands Earn via Digital Platforms
This company provides celebrities their own apps where they can continue performing and still earn from sharing their talent to their fans and more

The pandemic has affected many people around the world, including artists and bands. As it continues to grapple the country, celebrities turn to digital platforms to share their talents and earn. Allowing artists and bands to do just this but with more freedom and exclusivity is entrepreneur Tanner Adams. Recently, he released CelebVue, a turn-key solution for artists and bands in the music industry that allows them to have their platform and earn in different ways.

“If COVID-19 taught the music industry anything, it’s that the music industry needs to be sustainable off the road. I want to give artists and bands the power to own real estate on fan’s phones to monetize the times when they are off the stage effectively,” Adams said.

CelebVue builds apps for artists and bands. With a platform of their own, artists and bands can produce their exclusive content, custom video messages, go live anytime and anywhere, sell merchandise, showcase their music, and control their preferred social media platforms.

CelebVue sees value in owning real estate on fan’s phones. In addition to hosting all of the important aspects of their careers, the company’s apps provide monetization streams outside of the industry standards.

“You earned your fan base. Now, earn from your fan base,” Adams added.

For more information, visit http://celebvue.com or contact letstalk@celebvue.com

About CelebVue

CelebVue is an app development company made specifically for artists and bands in the music industry. The apps are tailored mindfully for monetization. The CelebVue software streamlined the app development process, which allows apps to be fully customized and affordable at the same time.

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