Wisconsin Raised Actress And Dancer “Madison Ekstrand” Defies Odds By Winning Multiple Awards For Debut Performance

Wisconsin Raised Actress And Dancer "Madison Ekstrand" Defies Odds By Winning Multiple Awards For Debut Performance

October 22, 2020 – A 17-year-old actress and dancer named Madison Ekstrand from Niagara, Wisconsin, is making big waves in the entertainment industry by winning multiple awards for her debut performance: including debut performance and Best Young Actress for her work in the horror series, ”Very Frightening Tales,” and won the best Acting debut at the New York Film Awards.

“Very Frightening Tales,” an anthology horror series produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions includes Madison’s debut performance in the episode, “The Curse of Stone Hill.” In this film, she acts alongside other top-rated actor Michael Pare. Madison plays the role of Lauren Foley, an adoptee who travels to a haunted estate to learn more about her birth mother.

Besides her winning an award via her role in the film, the film itself has won multiple “Best Thriller” awards on the film festival circuit, including the prestigious Florence Film Awards in Italy. Madison was invited back by Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions to act in other episodes of the series and just completed filming two of them which are “Dinner Rush,” alongside Eric Roberts, and “A Slice of Life,” with Joe Estevez.

Madison Ekstrand, the 17-years old actress began her performing career at the age of three and had always had a passion for the arts. She trained in ballet, en pointe, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. Some of the venues where her performance has been entertainment have been enjoyed include the Orange Bowl Halftime show and Milwaukee Bucks pre-show. “Very Frightening Tales,” is her first acting series credit.

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