Castro & Co. Launches Guide on International and Domestic Tax Online

Castro & Co. Launches Guide on International and Domestic Tax Online
The international tax attorneys at Castro & Co. provide seasoned legal guidance in tax planning for private individuals, family companies, trusts, and estates worldwide

The pandemic has affected a lot of businesses around the world, causing changes to tax laws governing many Americans inside and outside the country. The tax law experts at Castro & Co. understand how difficult it is for Americans to stay updated on the rules on taxes, trusts, and estates. To help affected Americans worldwide, the firm offers international and domestic tax legal services with the aid of its high-caliber lawyers. The firm also released a series of videos that explain the services they offer, on its website

Founded in late 2007, just months before the global market collapse, Castro & Co. was forged in the market turmoil of the Great Recession of 2008. As the revenues of companies around the globe plummeted, companies quickly realized that sophisticated international tax planning could substantially reduce their global effective tax rates.

According to the firm, one expense that’s often overlooked and disregarded as being a “fixed expense” is the federal income tax. Using innovative marketing strategies, the firm was able to reach decision-makers at several small and medium-sized companies to help them substantially reduce their federal income tax to weather the economic storm in 2008. This event laid the foundation for Castro & Co.’s growth over the next decade.

“We are prioritizing long-term relationships ahead of short-term profits,” said Dr. John Anthony Castro, Castro & Co. Managing Partner.

Each attorney at Castro & Co. provides each case with individualized representation and undivided attention. Their priority is guiding people through the tax planning process as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

The legal team at Castro & Co. knows how demanding of a process international tax planning may appear. That’s why they go above and beyond to develop highly customized plans to achieve their clients’ goals promptly and proficiently.

The team at Castro & Co. never charges for the initial consultation and case review. They only engage clients on a flat-fee basis after a thorough proposal has been presented outlining the tax savings to be realized by engaging with the firm.

The team provides this service so that clients can see the cost-benefit ratio of engaging with the firm and understand that its fees are an investment with an immediate return. More often than not, the fees paid to the firm will be the highest performing asset in a client’s portfolio when viewed as an investment.

The firm has offices located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, and Orlando. It will also open more offices in London and Sydney. Castro & Co. is also a member of Codex International, a global network of independent tax consulting firms that covers over 130 countries worldwide.

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About Castro & Co.

The international tax planning attorneys at Castro & Co. provide seasoned legal guidance in tax planning for private individual clients and family companies as well as domestic and foreign trusts and estates around the world. With offices located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, and Orlando and upcoming offices in London and Sydney, as well as partner firms in more than 130 countries around the world, our international tax lawyers take pride in our ability to serve any client in any part of the world.

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