AG Neovo Launches TBX-Series On-board Displays for Passenger Information System

AG Neovo Launches TBX-Series On-board Displays for Passenger Information System

“With E-Mark vehicle certification and NeoTransPro™ installation suite, the TBX-Series is reliable to be used in vehicle, and allows operators to install and maintain with ease.” – Curtis Liu, Product Manager Benelux and France & Middle East

The TBX-Series is an innovative, powerful and adaptive 22’’ LCD display, certified with E-Mark (E13) certification, offering durable, easy-to-manage and maintenance multiple displays installation on buses, coaches, trucks or trailers for on-board passenger information display system. Through its Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, it is able to deliver clear and engaging real-time route information, traffic alerts, multimedia adverts, emergency briefings or video surveillance live feeds. From its stable and robust design, the TBX-series brings a new standard to the transportation industry.

Reliable, Vandal-Proof, Hygiene Onboard Displays

In addition to E-Mark (E-13) certification, the TBX-Series displays provide an industrial-grade wide-range power supply unit, for 8-36 V, effortlessly protects against power fluctuations and ensures usability as well as safety in operating the displays inside moving vehicles. By adopting such as Protective metal casing design and IK07-rated NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass with high impact resistance, the TBX-Series is reliable and well protected from various forms of vandalism and damage.

From the metal casing and glass screen robust design, the display is cleanable with alcohol and other cleaning products, providing the hygiene environment for the on board passengers.

Hassle-Free Installation & Control for System Integration

The exclusive NeoTransPro installation Suite is designed to offer an efficient solution for passenger information display system setup in vehicles. It allows installers and operators to save effort and extra cost on installation without the need of various additional cables or devices, and interconnectivity can be achieved easily without the need for additional devices like splitters. The long-distance signage transmission will not cause any image quality degradation or any compromises on picture performance.

“Owing to its easy-to-setup and robust design, AG Neovo’s TBX-series is now successfully integrated into passenger information system on the buses in the Netherlands for route information update and live video surveillance applications by co-working with partners. And we expect that the displays are able to deliver clear, real-time and safe visual experience and environment to the passengers,” explained Curtis Liu, Product Manager Benelux and France & Middle East, AG Neovo.

Readability, Whatever the Weather

The TBX-Series features an EcoSmart Sensor, which has the capability to detect ambient light levels and adjust display brightness in order to suit its surroundings. Adaptive display brightness will not only ensure display readability but will also optimise the energy efficiency of the TBX-Series displays. Thanks to the implementation of EcoSmart Sensors, passengers can comfortably and easily view all content on display while travelling onboard.

Establishing Value for Passengers

In addition to the easy-to-install features, the TBX-Series helps transportation operators to build more value for passengers thanks to exponentially upgraded levels of service and more wholesome user experience.

The TBX-Series displays are capable of delivering various real-time traffic information and entertainment-based messages to passengers which can significantly enhance and upgrade the travelling experience of those riding on various transports during journeys. AG Neovo’s displays can also help drivers to monitor the safety of their passengers by providing live video feeds, and those in vehicles such as busses can enjoy their commute with a greater sense of security.

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