Stressed About Letters Of Recommendation? Launches Platform To Streamline And Optimize Reference Letters

Stressed About Letters Of Recommendation? Launches Platform To Streamline And Optimize Reference Letters

Boston, Massachusetts – October 27, 2020 – Today, announced the launch of its patent pending web platform to streamline the curation of compelling letters of recommendation and reference letters. Designed for students, job candidates, reference writers, and other applicants, ReferCloud promises to not only improve reference letter quality by catching subtle flaws that harm an applicant’s chances, but to do so while cutting reference letter write time by up to 37% and costs by up to $555/yr per faculty user.

“Reference letters are critical to most school, job, and other applications, yet are a major source of stress for applicants and referrers,” said Tim D’Auria, founder of ReferCloud. “Candidates have little transparency and worry about the status and quality of their recommendation letters; are they being worked on, will they be competitive, and will they be on-time?  Meanwhile, referrers are swamped with reference letter requests; soliciting materials and responding to inquiries, managing deadlines and where to send documents, not to mention wordsmithing, all while juggling already crammed schedules. The problem is daunting and error-prone.  ReferCloud solves each of these challenges,” said Mr. D’Auria.  

Beyond a web dashboard that enables real-time tracking of reference letters, an extensive reference template library with mail merging, and auto-writing capabilities, ReferCloud’s most intriguing feature is how it makes the reference letter more compelling and competitive. “There is nothing else like it. ReferCloud uses machine learning to analyze recommendation text in real-time, catching subtle flaws and guiding the author on how to take the recommendation letter from ordinary to extraordinary,” said Mr. D’Auria.

Beyond school and job seekers, ReferCloud works in any competitive application environment such as apartment leases, adoptions, and award nominations.

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About ReferCloud

Cultivating compelling recommendation letters is challenging, yet critically important for school, job, and other competitive applications.

ReferCloud is a web platform for collecting, writing, optimizing, and sending reference letters. Beyond extensive reference templates, monitoring dashboards, and auto-writing capabilities, ReferCloud’s real magic is its ability to detect and correct subtle reference flaws that hurt an applicant’s chances, such as excessive subjectivity, technical jargon, vagueness, or even the wrong candidate’s name. The result is a compelling reference letter delivered in less time.

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