From Christchurch, NZ to Hollywood – how understanding superfoods helped this entrepreneur launch a bestselling product

Gleamin founder Jordan Smyth drew on his own experiences with skin insecurities to create the popular Vitamin C Clay Mask.

For as long as he can remember, Jordan Smyth has struggled with rosacea on his face. He would receive comments about his rosy-colored nose and cheeks, so he started looking for a solution. After experimenting with countless products that didn’t work, he turned to more natural solutions. Many so-called “superfoods” did not live up to their names, but there were a few that provided temporary relief. aloe vera served to provide a soothing solution but didn’t solve the problem in the long-term.

Two years later, and his team at Gleamin has developed what they call the dream product. The Gleamin mask combines two of the world’s richest known sources of vitamin C, a powerful glow-duo of turmeric & aloe vera. This combination of ingredients serves to brighten the skin, combatting and soothing dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and acne on users of all skin types and backgrounds.

The detoxifying kaolin clay is a natural resource that has been long used in skincare remedies and works to soothe acne naturally. Not only that, but the product is cruelty-free, making for a beauty product that achieves what many others in the industry are aiming for at the moment.

With his superfood-based product, Jordan hopes to shed light on skin concerns other than acne and to provide a resource for an underrepresented community. He hopes to create a niche in the skincare industry that is real and natural, rather than relying on airbrushing and editing. Gleamin aims for authenticity in everything they create, and they plan to continue this trend into the new line of products that they are working on now.

There is a big market for all-natural skincare at the moment, and it’s only going to continue growing. Currently, Gleamin has over 100,000 people using their masks in over 50 countries, and they hope to continue expanding. Their honest approach to skincare draws customers in and their product keeps them coming back.

When speaking about how he got his start in the world of beauty, Smyth said, “Skin-care has always been a major topic in my life. Since the tender age of 13, I battled with rosacea and really discovered how much it impacted my inner confidence.” Smyth hopes to help others to find their own sense of confidence through achieving their own healthy, glowing skin, both inside and out. 

“This was when my obsession with anti-inflammatory ingredients and superfoods such as aloe vera began,” says the founder. “Combining this with my pursuit of total independence, I decided to start work on a natural and extremely effective face mask, featuring organic ingredients which wouldn’t just help me with my own skin concerns, but others too,” leading us to the widely successful state of Gleamin today. In the coming year, Gleamin plans to release a new line of skincare products that will broaden the scope of natural skincare for everyone.

About Gleamin

Founded in 2018, Gleamin is built on the belief that there is not enough diversity, authenticity, and transparency within the beauty industry. By developing effective, clean, superfood-rich formulas that are safe for all skin types, Gleamin endeavors to enrich its global community with natural confidence, and a new-found sense of freedom.

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