Hope in Cancer Therapy – A holistic approach to cancer

Hope in Cancer Therapy - A holistic approach to cancer

“Hope in Cancer Therapy” by Reinhard Probst and Birgit Lekin
Reinhard Probst and Birgit Lekin’s book “Hope in Cancer Therapy” presents the development and components of Probst’s biological cancer therapy.

When it comes to the treatment of cancer, the majority of doctors advise chemotherapy as soon as possible and reject any alternative method, even if they had no information about it. Often, doctors aren’t even aware of alternatives, so they always choose the same path. Many people, however, do not want to put so much poison into their bodies and look for other methods. This new book introduces one such method. The effects of chemotherapy, the drugs and their side effects can have an immensely negative result for many people – without curing cancer. Dr. Probst is a doctor who meets patients on the same level and helps cancer patients to go down a very unconventional route – but it is a route that leads to better health. Birgit Lekin shares the story of how she witnessed the effectiveness of his treatment and how this encouraged her to work together with him on this book.

The book “Hope in Cancer Therapy” by Reinhard Probst and Birgit Lekin is aimed at people who are looking for advice and information because they or someone close to them is affected by cancer. Dr. Probst’s theraphy is introduced as a very ethical form of physical treatment, as it does not harm the healthy cells of the body and effectively supports human beings in their healing.In this book, readers learn about what the treatment involves and whether it would be right for them. It is an interesting read for everyone who thinks that the classic treatment isn’t always the best option, or who have already been let down by chemotherapy and look for a more natural alternative.

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