Sinisi Solutions LLC Offers Critical Infrastructure Protection Products and Solutions

Sinisi Solutions LLC Offers Critical Infrastructure Protection Products and Solutions

Manasquan, NJ – Sinisi Solutions is a company that has over the years leveraged the use of advanced technologies, expertise, top-grade materials, and years of experience in providing infrastructure protection products and solutions. The company has helped many businesses to protect their infrastructures from expensive fire damage by providing products that are capable of containing disasters caused by fire through the use of their innovative fire barrier solutions. They make sure that lives and properties are protected, and safety is prioritized.

The founder and the company’s representative, John Sinisi says: “Built on the principles of Industrial Engineering, Safety and Security, for over 30 years, Sinisi has provided innovation, design, and authority on the use of fire barriers and enhanced fire barriers to contain and protect all types of infrastructure, critical equipment, people, places and things. We bring our Subject Matter Expertise and experience to every client and understanding the “Voice of the Client” is always the first step. At Sinisi, we want to know what you are protecting and what are you protecting it from so we can offer you World Class “Safe By Design” solutions that meet your goals and objectives.”

Businesses that have chosen the safe by design products offered by Sinisi Solutions LLC have been able to enjoy the safety and critical damage containment on a whole new level. Sinisi Solutions offers a wide range of product options that are customizable to meet the specific needs of each client.

As part of the product options offered, their most widely used solutions are their modular transformer fire barriers. These are designed as a turn-key, shovel ready solution to protect against transformer explosions and fire for up to 6 hours. These barriers can be built up to 60-inches tall, are seismically rated, are modular and customizable, and can withstand up to 150 mph wind load thus allowing them to hold on for a longer period while containing and confining the damage.

Businesses can also opt for barriers that have been designed to protect batteries and energy storage systems from collateral damage. With these products, businesses with large battery arrays, especially in areas where spacing is not practical, can save their investment from complete and expensive damages or contain the heat from large mega batteries in confined spaces.  These barriers are also noise rated to satisfy noise regulations in facilities in residential areas.

All of Sinisi Solutions’ products eliminate the need for sprinkler systems, foams, or chemicals, enabling facilities to implement environmentally friendly fire prevention methods. These methods ensure that pollutants and runoff won’t pollute waterways or groundwater, thus keeping businesses environmentally compliant.

Added to the lithium-ion battery fire protection, Sinisi Solutions also provides rated wall, vault, tunnels, and manhole modules for GIS substations and buildings where protection from fire, ballistic events, heat, noise, IED, and security is required. Clients can rest easy knowing that the professionals at Sinisi Solutions can work closely with them to deliver custom solutions that best address their infrastructure and set up.

Other Critical Infrastructure Protection products and solutions offered include healthcare and bio barriers, basalt panels, conduits, and forms, custom fire barrier assemblies, noise barriers, fireproof boxes and containers, cable, joint wraps, and IED blankets, and more.

Sinisi Solutions caters to the needs of several industries. The company is located at 20 Abe Voorhees Drive, Manasquan, NJ 08736, US, and can be reached on phone at 732-232-2100. For more information, send an email to or visit their website.

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