Startup Promopeer Set to Disrupt The Australian Promotional Products & Branded Corporate Gifts Industry

Promopeer is an Australian startup that has launched a digital marketplace where clients can create customised promotional products with greater transparency of where these products are coming from. The idea is to eliminate middlemen pocketing along the supply chain in the process and teaming up with known brands that are high quality but can be customised to a business’ needs.

Promopeer is an online marketplace that brings together international vendors and buyers of promotional products who seek Promopeer’s services for sourcing, designing and printing brandable products. With so much noise online, businesses can promote their offerings offline in a very effective manner through branded corporate gifts available on Promopeer. Within a short time, this Australian e-commerce startup has disrupted the stale industry and its supply chain in how it sources and designs brandable products. 

Doing so has removed the middleman from the process and has helped bring down the costs for all parties involved. Direct dealing between corporates and vendors allows for clear instructions on the deliverables and quicker turnaround times.

One of the most appealing attributes of this B2B marketplace is that it allows for more transparency. Corporates and vendors are on the same page and deal in an upfront manner. Printers in Australia and New Zealand can enable businesses to boost awareness and capture an intended audience’s mind space through creatively designed and printed products that include clothing apparel, stationery, foods, bags, drinkware, home and lifestyle products, electronics, packaging items, and much more. 

Promopeer simplifies the decision-making process for selecting a promotional product that is a good fit for the business’s image and its budget. Whether it’s a utilitarian or decorative product for home or office, Promopeer has a catalogue of quality products that corporates can brand for their tastes and needs. 

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A statement released by a Promopeer representative said:

“Promotional products are a great way to get your business’ name out there. People see your brand, become familiar with it and start to recognise it. Building brand awareness is essential for any business, big or small, but you won’t get far if you buy cheap promotional products to give away.

“People love getting free stuff, but they also know when something’s been made poorly. Cheap promotional products usually aren’t good quality which isn’t going to reflect well on the brand.”

On corporate gifting:

“It’s no secret people enjoy receiving gifts, but some businesses still fail to see the value of corporate gifting. Presenting someone with a present creates feelings of reciprocity and trust. It’s never been more important to retain current clients with so much economic uncertainty. 

“Sending a gift to a client shows that you’re thinking about them, which in turn means they’ll keep you in the front of their mind when they need your goods or services. You’re not only touching base, but you’re setting yourself apart from the competition. As well as clients, it’s nice to show your employees that you’re here for them by sending them a care package. Even something as simple as a branded bag of lollies or chocolate is a simple way of keeping them motivated and productive, plus they’ve got a snack to munch on while they work.”

About the Company:

Promopeer is an online marketplace that has brought together printers, decoration partners, product manufacturers, and prospective clients. This platform has drastically cut down the time and brought down costs associated with the e-commerce print industry. Promopeer offers customisation on branded products that is unparalleled to anything else available on the Australian market.

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