ADVENTURES OF ZARALAND: MARY’S LITTLE LAMB Immerses Kids in a World of Adventure and Learning

While stuck at home during COVID-19, Adventures of Zaraland gives kids the ultimate escape through reading as they follow characters who are like them.

Adventures of Zaraland: Mary’s Little Lamb is an all new book that has been launched for kids all over the world. The fascinating story  immerses kids in a different world and has proven to be great for reading while stuck at home during COVID-19. Adventures of Zaraland has been written to provide our kids an ultimate escape through reading as they follow characters who are just like themselves.

According to the author, Audrey Omotayo “Zaraland Club is on a mission to immerse kids in a world of adventure and learning, as they follow characters who are like them.” She further adds that representation matters, and this is why it is an important part of this book. “All our kids deserve to see themselves in literature. Reading not only opens the doors of the imagination. It builds social skills and empathy, especially when kids see themselves as part of the stories they read. We believe inclusive stories that impart good values serve children better than empty or shallow books or TV shows.” As a mom she was motivated by the lack of diverse content that properly represents the melting pot that is America and the World.

ADVENTURES OF ZARALAND: MARY’S LITTLE LAMB has been introduced to promote friendship, teamwork, learning, and diversity. The book is currently available on Amazon and has been generating rave reviews by parents. One of the customers stated in their review, “My kids love this book! They love the story and adventure. My oldest who’s seven, likes how the story involves problem solving and my youngest who’s 3, enjoys it when I read the book to her, and loves the pictures and illustrations. Great book! Well done!”

For all parents who want their children to develop social skills and empathy, and be influenced by positive role models from a young age, Adventures of Zaraland is the most suitable example to follow.

About Zaraland Club

Zaraland Club is on a mission to immerse kids in a whole different world as they read about characters who are just like them. The books by Zaraland Club are all designed to represent kids from all backgrounds and ethnicities, having a more welcoming environment and helping the next generation build a sense of teamwork, as well as social and problem solving skills.

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