A new type of pz-m mask developed by Hefei Xinguanghe Health Consulting Co., Ltd. is about to come out

Masks protect against dust and respiratory infections.

Conventional masks use melt blown cloth to filter and isolate viruses, but they cannot isolate viruses 100%. The worst thing is that people with infectious diseases wear masks. The masks will carry the virus, which will cause the patient to stay in the virus environment for a long time and cause repeated infections.

The new pz-m mask is an innovative mask. The civilian protective mask developed by “Hefei Xinguanghe Health Consulting Co., Ltd.” has been patented. The new type of mask looks like a regular flat mask, but it is different from a regular flat mask. Conventional masks are passive protection by filtering dust and viruses. The new type of mask not only has the passive protection of conventional masks, but also has active protection, making the protection of masks to a higher level.

The active protection of the new type of mask can be filled with a non-toxic substance with sterilization and poison, relying on the substance itself and the smell of the substance to sterilize and suppress poison, does not involve food, so it has better protection and safety.

The new type of mask is to further improve the protection ability, and has a good role in protection, but it cannot cure diseases. If you have a disease, you must actively treat it, plus good protection, which is beneficial to people’s health.

The new pz-m mask has not been launched yet, please wait for those in need.

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