Rising Chile artist’s debut EP “Modern Mantras” making waves across the USA, U.K. and Europe

Angelo Cares’ debut EP “Modern Mantras” takes listeners to a lovely musical escapade with soulful instrumentation and diverse range of emotion-filled tracks.

Glasgow, Scotland – November 06, 2020 – Talk about the most buzzing house tracks of late and you have “Modern Mantras” raking up much of the fair share of limelight today. The recently released EP by rising Chilean artist Angelo Cares has fast been making waves all across the USA, the UK and the rest of Europe. A deep progressive house composition, “Modern Mantras” stands out with euphoric drops and transcending melodies. 

“Modern Mantras” was officially launched on October 8 and is currently available on all major audio streaming platforms online. The album marks the debut electronic EP of the artist. 

“I am excited with the huge response received for ‘Modern Mantras’ from all across the USA, the U.K. and the rest of Europe. It’s my debut EP and hence very close to my heart. To see that this special collection has been received with so much warmth across the international music family is a pure bliss. I am grateful to all my listeners for their support and it’s their love that boosts me to come up with many more of such fascinating works going ahead”, stated Cares. 

(In Frame: Angelo Cares)

“Modern Mantras” is a deep/progressive house, five-track EP which delivers atmospheric productions, layered by soulful melodies and solid drops. Interestingly, the EP has been packed with a wide variety of tracks, each telling its own unique story through distinct soundscape, vocal and melody. From a lovely serene “The Sun Will Rise Again” to the groovy inspirational “I Don’t Want to Be an Emperor” (based on Charlie Chaplin’s iconic speech) – the EP is bustling with a versatile range of tracks to suit different moods, tastes and choices.  

“Modern Mantras is like that EP that you can take anywhere or listen to anytime. Whether you are looking for the perfect track for a long drive or a peppy one for your in-house parties or a serene one for a candlelight dinner or a motivational one- this album has got a unique track with matching unique audioscapes for every occasion and mood. 

While Angelo Cares is fast rising as an immensely promising progressive house artist all across the globe, it’s unfortunate that the singer and composer is almost unknown in his own country. However, he is hopeful that Modern Mantra’s worldwide appreciation would bring forth his name and works on Chilean music scene, in his homeland and among his own country folks.

“I believe every artist desires recognition from his/her roots. I am grateful and honored to be appreciated by so many people across the USA and Europe but I also crave for acknowledgement from my own people in Chile and the rest of South America. I am hopeful, Modern Mantra’s success will leverage that platform for me in coming days.” 

About the artist: 

Born in Concepción, Chile, Angelo Cares is a young rising electronic artist, producer, singer, songwriter, DJ and multi-instrumentalist. The talented musician mostly composes and performs deep and progressive house music, and has recently come up with his own label “Cessford Music”. His music is inspired by his life experiences and he brings life to his words through emotion-filled melodic productions and soulful instrumentation. Cares loves to experiment and thus does not fixate on one particular genre- rather he prefers to bridge together various elements from diverse genres to create a dynamic and well-rounded musical style. The Chilean artist’s eclectic, trance-inducing music is fast making waves across the USA and Europe. Cares released his debut EP “Modern Mantras” in October 2020.

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