New Book Offers Bold Practical Steps for Higher Education Reform

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has published a new book proposing remedies to key problems in American higher education. Making College Right: Heretical Thoughts and Practical Proposals by William Casement brings a distinct message to a crowded field as Americans wrestle with the crisis of skyrocketing college costs, lower academic standards, and graduates unable to find good jobs.

Peter Wood, president of the NAS, said, “Making College Right stands out for its keen analysis of the problems as well as its practicality. William Casement was a professor of philosophy before becoming a successful art dealer. Both professions can be seen in his deft prescriptions for reform. He doesn’t just criticize. He proposes workable alternatives.”

Wood continued, “Casement, for example, offers provisions for how higher education can split big-time sports teams away from amateur athletics. He calls for an end to both racial preferences and legacy admissions. And he urges that the AP Examination system be cut down to size. He also proposes ways to decrease tuition, improve the college ranking system, and renovate the core curriculum.”

Making College Right is available at and Amazon in paperback for $18.00.

An excerpt from the book is also available for download at

National Association of Scholars (NAS)

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