Brian Winch shares his 40+ years of experience in his book Cleanlots, America’s Simplest Business

Brian Winch shares his 40+ years of experience in his book Cleanlots, America's Simplest Business
Founder and owner of shares how a side hustle grew into a lucrative, environmentally responsible business

Successful business ventures that start from humble beginnings have some of the most inspiring stories. But there is nothing like a success story that even ordinary people anywhere can easily emulate. Cleanlots founder and owner Brian Winch generously shares in his book how he successfully turned a litter cleaning side job into a highly successful business.

The book Cleanlots: America’s Simplest Business, a Parking Lot Litter Removal Business You Can Be Proud Of was launched in August 2018. It is actually an operations manual on how to start and run a grounds/ parking lot cleaning service business.

“I offer free support as my way of giving back thanks to a simple business that has provided me a great life”, says Winch. A purchase of the book comes with a free email and telephone support from the author. According to, a business background or even a high school education is not required to start a cleaning service business. It can be done by any able-bodied person who is determined to earn more.

Inspired by his father’s old side gig of cleaning up litter in their neighborhood shopping plaza, he remembered how he found the work quite easy when he would tag along to help his father. It was just a matter of picking up litter before the store opens the following day. This lucrative business can literally be started with just a phone, a broom and some garbage bags.

Winch says, “I grew this business from a side hustle to a profitable business I still operate today. I started with little money, education and skills BUT plenty of passion, patience and persistence.” His book saves the reader a good amount of research by detailing everything, from the right equipment to use to how to expand the business.

A grounds cleanup business can be done part time or until one is ready to do it full time. As cleanup is usually done at night when the shops are closed, it will not interfere with a day job.

Winch recommends finding needs or potential niches within the local community that one may cater to. For his part, Winch started Cleanlots by contacting property management companies, and offering to clean their retail, office and warehouse properties on a daily basis.

His hard work paid off, and in just two months he was already earning more than his salary at a sporting goods store. In almost no time, Winch’s $200 investment became a successful $650,000+ per year business.

After 40 years, Brian Winch is just about ready to retire. He wants to inspire as many people as he can to do what he did, and be able to start a successful business. For more information on Cleanlots and where to get the book, visit

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