TESLA-40 Introduces Health and Wellness Enhancing Spray Formulas

The topical sprays contain a natural frequency formula that promotes health and healing.

TESLA-40 products radiate healthy frequencies that stimulate health and healing through clear communication throughout the body.

This frequency formula works like a knob on a radio, assisting the body to tune in to its own natural healing frequency. In the words of the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

TESLA-40 products include the Daily Support spray, Energy Support spray and Pain Support spray. The Daily Support spray is the foundational product of TESLA-40. It supports balanced physical health and wellness everyday. It works by applying three sprays along the front hairline, framing the face in the morning daily.

The Energy Support spray provides frequencies that support healthy energy production. It boosts optimum energy levels for the mind and body. It breaks the fatigue cycle so that the body can function at its maximum potential. One only needs three sprays on the neck in the morning and evening to increase energy levels.

The Pain Support spray works on muscle and joint pain. It helps body, joints and muscles to recover and heal themselves from workouts, generalized aches and chronic joint pain. Use in the morning and evening. To apply, saturate the skin and rub into the area of pain up to four times a day.

The TESLA-40 health sprays come in 30mL glass bottles that contain approximately 200 sprays. More information can be found at https://tesla-40.com/.

About TESLA-40

TESLA-40 is a company dedicated to providing health and wellness support.


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