Keranique Thickening and Texturizing Mousse Added to their List of Advanced Hair Care Products

Keranique, the popular hair care system for women adds Keranique thickening and texturizing mousse to the line for protecting hair from styling products.

Heated styling tools like flat irons and curling wands are used by women to create some truly charming styles. However, most women are unaware that the heat generated from these styling products can cause serious damage to hair, especially to thinning hair. A high heat setting used for blow drying hair can damage hair quickly.

Keranique, the proven hair care system has now introduced a new product that provides protection to hair from the damage caused by heated styling products. Keranique thickening and texturizing mousse is the best way to provide thermal protection from curling irons, blow dryers and other heated hair styling instruments and create a smooth after feel.

The advanced thermal protection system is different from regular mousse that tends to leave a sticky feeling on your mane. This specially created mousse is blended scientifically to match the needs of thinning hair which are often difficult to manage because they are weak and flat.

The thickening and texturizing mousse contains silk amino acids, keratin amino acids, collagen amino acids, propylene glycol and other clinically tested and proven ingredients that helps maintain volume and adds more body without the usual stiffness one experiences with conventional mousse products. This mousse also acts as a good detangler that helps restore the hair’s optimum moisture balance. It ensures that your hair breakage is minimized while brushing.

Keranique hair care system has emerged as one of the most trusted brands in recent times because the products deliver visible results. Women have expressed their confidence in the product range because it is increases hair manageability, volume and fullness. The ingredients in Keranique products help rejuvenate hair in women and are especially formulated to work with a woman’s biochemistry.

Here is what Judy; a confirmed Keranique fan had to say about the amazing results she experienced after using the advanced formulation. “Prior to using Keranique my hair was dry, brittle, and limp. I had thinning hair around the front of my face. My hair now has more volume. It’s amazing the fullness I now have…and it bounces…it really bounces.”

The introduction of Keranique thickening and texturizing mousse is expected to add to the already large fan following the brand has attracted. Women love using the thickening and texturizing mousse because it conditions hair to render a smooth and soft feel while giving hair a shiny effect. It detangles hair which prevents breaking. Hair gets a fuller look as the mousse helps maintain volume and body. Importantly, it protects hair from the damaging effect of heat styling products such as hot curling irons and straightening rods.

It is easy to use Keranique thickening and texturizing mousse. You just have to pump the mousse on your scalp after washing your hair. The product is then massaged from the strands, starting from roots to the tips. Hair should not be rinsed. You can now style your hair the way you want. It is a handy product for women who need to look well-groomed at all times.

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