Bits of Steak Press Announces the Release of Randall Mcnair’s Debut Poetry Collection

The collection is the first book in McNair’s Bar Poems series.

Randall McNair is the first Poet Laureate of the Absurd selected and published by Bits of Steak Press. His book, “Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon,” is a refreshing — at times raw and explicit — collection of poems.

It is humorous and vivid, and it illustrates what it was like to be a burnout existing in the middle of overachievers. Through McNair’s poetry, the readers can take a peek into the mind of a very creative but sad soul and feel what it’s like to be stuck in a despised career.

“[McNair’s] writing is so clear and so easy to understand you wonder if it’s really poetry. Little by little you realize it is. Poetry in its elemental state, written to be understood—with splashes of humor along the way,” said Clive Matson, author of “Hello, Paradise. Paradise, Goodbye” and “Let the Crazy Child Write.” “Try writing this clearly and after blood has dripped down your brow into your eyes, you’ll discover this may be the highest art.”

McNair, armed with his bachelor’s degree in creative writing and love of Charles Bukowski’s poetry, took the inspiration from his decade-long bender at a local watering hole and created this quirky and honest observation on the human condition. Using the lens of whiskey, beer, and down-to-earth verse, McNair expresses feelings of stifled creativity, midlife mediocrity and nitty-gritty struggles.

“Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon” is a strange yet relatable mix of traversing oppressive jobs, self-loathing and a glass of liquid comfort. It is straightforward, bringing the average person’s daily frustrations to life in a unique voice.

“The perfect setting to read this book is where it was written — in a dimly lit neighborhood pub with lots of character and characters. The delightfully twisted inner recesses of Randall McNair’s brain will nourish your soul and senses while tickling your funny bone,” stated producer Glenn Stickley, an Emmy Award winner for The Amazing Race.

“Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon” was recently nominated for the Best Indie Book Award. McNair’s second book in the Bar Poems series, “Make it a Double,” is due for release in January 2021.

Print and eBook copies of “Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon” are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores like via”. The audiobook version of the book is available at Audible. McNair’s work has been published in both American and Canadian literary journals. More information can be found at

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