Bartenderbooks: Rising Instagram Blog Shines Positive Light on Safe Restaurant and Bar Establishments

Bartenderbooks: Rising Instagram Blog Shines Positive Light on Safe Restaurant and Bar Establishments

While every industry has taken a massive blow due to the pandemic, the rising global economic crisis puts essential establishments back on operation mode to keep the economy alive. As these venues resume to serve the masses, they are also obliged to operate in the safest ways possible. To keep everyone informed, the rising Instagram influencer blog Bartenderbooks follows the journey of these establishments and shines a positive light on the bar and restaurant industry. 

Bartenderbooks is a hospitality and travel-focused travel blog founded by Thomas Holbert. The blog takes on a mission to show the masses which establishments are in operation in the most positive light possible. A cocktail and food enthusiast himself, Thomas is excited to share with the world the different places that are back on track. In essence, this Instagram blog is not a center to review restaurant and bar establishments. Thomas is not interested in finding anything wrong with these establishments, nor is he interested in reducing their best efforts into scores. Instead, Bartenderbooks seeks to inform the masses which restaurants, bars, and other venues are operating well at this point.

Thomas was inspired to take on this initiative through Bartenderbooks after witnessing how the industry suffered throughout the pandemic. Establishments were forced to close down, and they were left to fend for themselves without receiving any real help or plans as COVID-19 shook the world. As his way of giving back to the community, he now seeks to put these establishments back in the limelight by showcasing them on Instagram. 

“My goal is to shine a positive light on our industry and showcase everything that each bar or restaurant does well,” says the founder of Bartenderbooks. Thomas takes the time to visit various restaurants, bars, and other establishments to personally check out their operations and services. He then posts informative updates about each establishment in Bartenderbooks. Through this, Instagram users can easily find the safest places to dine-in or visit today. 

For Thomas, this endeavor will continue even after the pandemic as he hopes to come up with a vast catalog of restaurants, bars, and other venues curated to help people navigate through the food and drink industry. He will serve as a reliable directory for travelers and locals who are looking to find the best restaurants and bars in town. 

As the world continues its battle against the pandemic, the world struggles to find ways to adapt to the new normal. Each industry is putting up a fight to help the global economy rise back up again as it now faces a dangerous recession. The restaurant and bar industry is no exception, and today, like all other industries, it needs all the help it can get. With this reality at hand, restaurant connoisseur and cocktail enthusiast Thomas, through his blog Bartenderbooks, is determined to extend a helping hand not only to the establishments in the industry but also to people in general. 

To know more about Bartenderbooks, you may check out its official Instagram account @Bartenderbooks or website.

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