Beauty Entrepreneur Fern Marcus of Regine Tweezers Gives 6 Tips for the Perfect Brow

Now, having a brow care routine free from hair breakage and ingrown hairs is possible.

Achieving a perfect brow can be a challenge, especially when even the supposed best tweezers really don’t work. Beauty entrepreneur Fern Marcus learned this insight the hard way 20 years ago when she discovered that literally every pair of tweezers in her New York spa did not function properly. “We would purchase the most expensive tweezers and they just did not work! They would slip on the hairs they would break the hairs, they just wouldn’t do what a tweezer is supposed to do which is pull the hair from the root on the first try”. Then, she discovered Regine Tweezers, which has been around for over 100 years, a company in Switzerland that hand manufactures ultra high precision tools and instruments across all fields, including luxury Swiss watches, surgical implements and micro technology. “Regine is considered the Rolex of all tweezers”. Regine tweezers pull every hair from the root on the first try every time! After realizing the value of Regine Tweezers, Marcus partnered with the company, re-designed its tweezers line, and brought the brand to North America.

“Everyone has a drawer full of tweezers that just don’t work. Regine Tweezers are handmade in Switzerland and go through a meticulous 40-step finishing process. The final step is under a microscope to ensure perfect tension and alignment. We back them with the industry’s first and only Lifetime Guarantee,” Marcus said. She is now the President of Regine Tweezers North America.

Marcus is also at the helm of Regine Tweezers’ promotions in the country. She uses her experience and expertise in the beauty industry to share with women some tips and tricks on shaping the perfect brow using Regine Tweezers.

Marcus advises women to always use tweezers on clean skin without any lotions, oils, or makeup. Washing the face before plucking eyebrow hairs removes any excess oils or debris that might get in the way during tweezing. This move also allows women to have an optimum grip on unwanted hairs.

Also, taking a hot shower is even better than just washing the face, Marcus shared. The best time to tweeze is after a hot shower when the pores on the face are opened up. This condition makes it even more effortless to remove pesky hairs in a flash.

Marcus also advises investing in a good magnification mirror. A good mirror will help women see every little detail on their face and zero in on the hairs that they want to tweeze away. This way, they won’t pull away any hair they don’t intend to remove.

According to Marcus, knowing one’s brow arch limits is also crucial. Before tweezing, women should first define their brows by marking their shape with a brow liner. This process prevents them from plucking out hairs that they don’t want to lose. It will also help them shape their brows to frame the face beautifully.

Sterilizing the tweezers after each use is also a must. This step will keep the tool in pristine condition for a long time. To do this, simply wipe the tweezers with a clean cloth or a cotton ball that has a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

To ensure that the tweezer tips stay in alignment and maintain Regine Tweezers’ lifetime guarantee, Marcus advises to always keep its end cap on. Taking extra care of one’s tweezers guarantees perfection and longevity. This extra step goes a long way, and after all, it takes just seconds to cap up a pair of Regine Tweezers. Then, store it away safely until the next use.

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Regine Tweezers are handmade by Swiss craftsmen and backed by over a century of tradition and its signature “The Last Pair of Tweezers You’ll Ever Need®” Lifetime Guarantee. Regine Tweezers are recognized worldwide as the go-to tweezers by beauty professionals for their superior quality.

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