Clear Chiropractic, A Wellness Chiropractic Clinic Launches Its Special Pediatric Chiropractic Care

23rd November, 2020 – People looking for chiropractic services to deal with stress and chronic pain can now use the services of Clear Chiropractic, a family clinic launched in the interests of the community. Clear Chiropractic has been set by chiropractors Doctors Joe and Eva Zingoine, to change the lives of families through their services that will help people improve their quality of life. Unique to the clinic is the special pediatric chiropractic care that will address the needs of children faced with nervous tension and stress but are unable to express the same.

Physical and mental stress are caused by several negative elements in the fast-paced lifestyle of most people today. Poor posture, sitting all day, lack of physical activity, and mental strain or burnout takes a toll on the body in more ways than one. An unhealthy diet and poor nutrition further increase the stress to manifest itself in symptoms of pain and bodily dysfunction.

To a lesser extent, the same problems are experienced by children too. But while adults are aware of their problems and have a means to get treated, children are left to suffer in silence. Providing a solution is Clear Chiropractic’s pediatric chiropractic care helping children and adults too, live life free from pain.

Every baby deserves to live life healthy, yet children are subjected to stress and tension from the time they are born. While children may suffer the same effects of stress and tension like adults, they are unable to identify the reason often choosing to live with the discomfort and pain. But what they cannot avoid is the symptoms that make parents distraught wondering what can be wrong.

Babies and children may suffer problems because of various reasons such as constipation or reflux as a result of a difficult birthing process. Others may face sleep difficulty or colic. These are all manifestations of the pent-up stress in children that go unresolved with treatment addressing symptoms rather than the source of the problem. Rather than ignore the issues that can impact a child’s mental development and physiological function, it can be detected and remedied through specialized pediatric chiropractic care.

Clear Chiropractic can help clear up the stress in a child enabling them to improve and function better in activities that are part of growing up like games and sports.

Regardless of adults or children, the human body is controlled by the nervous system and impacts the quality of both mental and physical life. Interference in the nervous system impeded bodily function resulting in ill health, pain and discomfort. This is where a chiropractor can be of valuable help to reset the nervous system through adjustments that clear toxins from the body, reduces stress and impacts immunity for an improved expression of life.

Clear Chiropractic established by Dr. Eva and Dr. Joe has been set up with a mission to heal families and children for a healthier community. Clear Chiropractic is a place of safety, support and connection for all patients where children especially are provided the best pediatric chiropractic care tempered with the unconditional love and joy they deserve.

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