Award-winning RecovaPro Lite massage gun is one of the hottest holiday gifts of 2020

Kent, UK – November 23, 2020 – Spin classes are cancelled, the gym is closed, life is more stressful than ever. With the things we rely on to keep active and healthy no longer available, we’re finding new and creative ways to workout. With those new workouts come new challenges. While trying a new training program can be exciting and beneficial, it can also lead to muscle tension, soreness and strain. It’s for those reasons and more that the RecovaPro Lite is the ideal gift and is in hot demand this holiday season.

The RecovaPro Lite, an easy to use, powerful massage tool, won a coveted Red Dot design award in 2020 from the highly respected Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot design award is internationally renowned for its meticulous judging criteria and made mention of the high-quality materials and completely re-engineered design of the RecovaPro Lite. The massage gun is a heavy-duty, lightweight massage tool that eliminates the need to go to a massage therapist or physiotherapist for relief from strained and sore muscles, making it easier to stay home and stay safe while still getting needed treatment.

“This is a year where everyone wants to give meaningful and practical gifts,” explains Andrew Jackson, co-founder of RecoveraPro. “Stress has been high this year, and the ability to get a massage or have a hot tub session to relieve muscle tension just isn’t there. While people are looking to stay home, they’re also being careful with how they spend their money. They want a gift that will be appreciated but won’t break the bank. Having a re-chargeable massage tool that you can use over and over again in the comfort of your own home pays for itself in only a few uses. That’s why the RecovaPro Lite is in such high demand as a gift this year.”

The RecovaPro Lite is easy to use and provides five variable speed and intensity settings, allowing it to be customized to the user’s needs and preferences. A lower speed setting provides 1500 percussions per minute, allowing even sensitive areas to be comfortably treated with ease. The most intense setting delivers a tension relieving 2800 percussions per minute.

The RecovaPro Lite is composed of a matte aluminium composite body with a chrome-plated surface and comes in black, space grey, pink and light blue. The tool has an ergonomically shaped handle and is whisper quiet. While it weighs only 700 grams, the RecovaPro Lite lasts up to 180 minutes on a single charge.

The RecovaPro Lite comes with a protective carrying case and four attachments which allow for differing intensity, including a medium intensity ball or flat surface, a higher intensity fork, and for serious relief, the extra intense bullet used to deliver pin-point treatment to knots and other hard to treat areas. The long-lasting lithium-ion magnetic charger is designed the same way as chargers for high-end electronic devices, lessening the potential for damage to the device or its charger. The RecovaPro Lite kit also comes with a soft leather charging mat. What makes the kit even more useful than other mini-massagers on the markets, are the worldwide charging adapters included in the kit, meaning that whether the user has had an intense workout while staying close to home, or a long day of sightseeing once the pandemic is over, relief will be close at hand.

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