How Emotions and Learned Behaviors Impact Financial Decisions, According to Brent Jenkins, Founder of Grant Street Wealth Management

As early as teens, emotions, habits, and behaviors around spending and saving are already beginning to form.

From the habits picked up from one’s parents to the way pre-teens manage their allowance, the behaviors developed during this season of life tend to stick with them long past their teens. Brent Jenkins, a financial planning expert and founder of Grant Street Wealth Management understands the impact that emotions and learned behaviors have upon his client’s approach to finances. Armed with this knowledge, Jenkins addresses the root of the client’s behaviors and spending habits. Once an individual becomes aware of their innate emotions and tendencies, they are better positioned to manage their existing finances, build wealth, and plan for the future. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Brent Jenkins has been in the financial planning industry since 2008. 

“It was an interesting time to join the industry,” Jenkins recalls with a chuckle. “I learned more over the span of a few months than many learn in years.” 

Jenkins was uniquely positioned in the sense that he’d experienced the height of the market for just a few months, before witnessing one of history’s greatest crashes. He was able to take a calm approach when working with clients, partly because he couldn’t even fathom the magnitude of lost wealth at that point. 

Over the next three years, Brent Jenkins worked under another broker as he continued to hone his skills. Brent had developed a keen passion for finance, wealth management, and the intrinsic role he played in his client’s lives. 

“It’s so rewarding to be on the pulse of someone’s emotions, goals, dreams, and everyday activity,” he explains. 

This same passion eventually caused him to develop dissonance over working for an insurance-based brokerage. He didn’t agree with his brokerage’s commission-based model and felt he could be a greater advisor and better serve clients in a firm of his own. 

In 2011, Brent Jenkins left the firm and set out on his own to found Grant Street Wealth Management. Nearly a decade later, Grant Street is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients. Their services range from tailored financial planning, investment asset allocation, wealth management, retirement, and quarterbacking trust and estate planning. Privately owned and not affiliated with any banks or larger financial institutes, they offer unbiased, results-oriented financial advice. 

Brent Jenkins and his team at Grant Street implement a holistic approach within their client services. 

“We recognize that as financial planners, we wear many hats, Jenkins explains, “All at once I must be a financial advisor, therapist, ally and friend.” 

Jenkins seeks to help clients become aware of the emotions and learned behaviors that influence their spending, saving, and investing habits. Other firms make the mistake of taking a supercilious approach to financial advising. This type of relationship may yield temporary results, but Jenkins is more interested in long-term results. Lasting success is directly tied to a strong foundation. 

Clients of Grant Street Wealth Management can expect one-on-one customized service from Jenkins and his team of highly trained financial advisors. 

“We’re a boutique firm, we’re not interested in being the largest firm in the nation,” says Jenkins. 

This mindset allows Jenkins to dedicate more time and resources to each client he works with. Once Jenkins has helped clients understand the emotions and habits tied to their finances, he works diligently to educate them on how to best plan for their future. 

“At the end of the day, people deserve to truly understand their finances, now more than ever, what people really need is someone in their corner,” explains Jenkins. 

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