Why Is a Fleet Dash Cam Vital to an Organization According to RealtimeCampaign.com

Why Is a Fleet Dash Cam Vital to an Organization According to RealtimeCampaign.com

Fleet truck owners install dash cameras to track their drivers and their cargo. The cameras give the owner a look into how each driver operates the vehicles, and if the drivers comply with federal regulations. Business owners can use the cameras as a way to mitigate risks and reduce lawsuits, too. 

Advanced Tracking for Their Fleet Trucks

Business owners must track the exact location of the fleet trucks for a multitude of reasons. These reasons include keeping the drivers on track, preventing theft, and providing updates for their customers. Using a dash camera allows the company to tap into the onboard features and see where the truck is and what is around it. It could stop drivers from taking impromptu breaks that may prove costly for the business owner according to realtimecampaign.com. 

Video Evidence of Commercial Trucking Accidents

Rand McNally Launches the Second Generation of OverDryve™ Pro for Professional Drivers to assist when a commercial trucking accident happens. Video evidence from the onboard camera may show footage of the accident and establish the exact cause. When another party is at-fault, the video footage helps the trucking company present critical evidence to the court. It may also prevent the trucking accident from paying thousands in a lawsuit when the claimant was the at-fault driver or committed moving violations that contributed to the accident. 

Better Option for Monitoring Commercial Drivers

Trucking companies can tap into the onboard cameras and monitor their commercial drivers. The footage helps them ensure that their drivers are following Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. Compliance failures often lead to 18-wheeler accidents because of exhausted driving. Drivers that do not take rest periods between driving shifts place themselves and others at risk on the road. This may also present the trucking company with a serious liability. Identifying drivers that aren’t compliant helps the company eliminate any drivers that refuse to follow regulations, the law, or company policies. Company owners who want to learn more about a dash camera can check it out now. 

Fraud Prevention if an Accident Happens

Dash cameras make it easier for trucking companies to avoid fraudulent claims for accidents, too. The footage shows if their drivers caused an accident deliberately to collect insurance. It also shows if an auto owner made these attempts. Insurance fraud is a serious crime, and there are unethical individuals that will place others at risk just to collect a settlement. Using a dash camera prevents these actions. Businesses can learn more about fraud protection by contacting a service provider such as Lytx now. 

A Better Assessment of Driver Training

All drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license must complete DOT and FMCSA training before taking their driving test. The training prepares them for operating and managing a commercial vehicle. Using a dash camera shows business owners where their drivers need additional training to prevent accidents and stay safer on the road.  

Businesses consider the advantages of installing onboard cameras in their fleet vehicles. The cameras capture footage in front of the vehicle and may capture footage inside the truck itself. Using the products lowers risks for the fleet owner and may prevent accidents often caused by commercial drivers. 

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