Modular Eyewear System, REMO Eyewear syncs with smart devices and more

REMO Eyewear is a modular eyewear system that comes with a Bluetooth chipset, and blue light filter or UV-guarded lenses.

PA-based tech company REMO Eyewear has recently launched an innovative eyewear collection that is all set to become the next big thing in wearable tech. Equipped with an built-in  Bluetooth chipset, the innovative eyewear can sync with smart devices and play music and receive calls for the user.

The first of its kind, REMO Eyewear is an exclusive blend of stylish eyewear and high-end wearable technology. The unique selling proposition of the glasses lies in its modular arm, which can be conveniently removed to fit different prescription ready REMO Eyewear frames for easy mix and match.

“We are excited to bring to you our breakthrough eyewear collection, REMO Eyewear. It is equipped with a patented advanced modular arm that enables you to match it up with different REMO Eyewear frames to suit your mood and style. Thanks to its versatile design, this all-in-one eyewear eliminates the need to have multiple pairs of glasses,” stated by Manuel Dacanay, co-founder of REMO Eyewear.

The arms are fitted with open-ear wireless designed speakers connected via Bluetooth that enables it to connect seamlessly to your phone, tablet, or computer. The open-ear design allows you to enjoy the ambient environment and gives you spatial awareness, something that is not possible with earphones. It has an IPX5 rating which is water and dust resistant.

“REMO Eyewear is a cutting-edge smart audio wearable that eyeglass and earphone users are looking for. Users can now enjoy reading, listening to music and answering calls with just one device.”

In addition, Manuel stated that REMO Eyewear glasses come with 97% UV-guarded tinted lenses or blue-light filter lenses which reduce eye strain due to prolonged screen time. Users can choose whichever option fits them depending on their needs.

Top features of Remo Eyewear include:

  • Modular Eyewear System
  • Built-in Bluetooth chipset 
  • Blue Light filter lenses or 97% UV-guarded tinted lenses
  • Able to receive calls and play music
  • Digital Virtual Assistant compatible (Android and iOS)
  • Open-Ear design with Noise reduction Microphone
  • 5 to 6 hours of music playback
  • 5 to 6 hours of call time
  • 100 to 120 hours of standby time
  • Quick Charge (2 hours charging time)

“REMO Eyewear is all set to launch a revolution in the world of wearable tech. It is going to make our lives more efficient and convenient. This smart audio wearable eyewear is also affordably priced to cater to people from all walks of life. 

“Your generous support through our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to produce REMO Eyewear under strict quality and manufacturing standards and acquire the necessary certifications to bring this to market.”

To learn more and show your support for the campaign, please visit the REMO Eyewear Kickstarter campaign.

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