Tinanik After-Sun Repair Cream:After-Sun Repair Products Might Be Necessity in Winter

Tinanik is a skin care brand from Republic of Korea, focusing on sun protection. The brand will soon launch a brand-new after-sun respair product.

The Republic of Korea is now in winter. Generally speaking, autumn and winter are the off-season of sun protection products, but this does not mean that sun protection in winter is unnecessary. The clouds are thinner in winter, and more sunlight can penetrate than in summer, so fragile skin is more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. In case of snowy weather, ultraviolet rays will reflect through the snow, causing secondary damage to the skin. At the same time, because of the cold climate in winter, the skin metabolism slows down, and the skin’s ability of self-renewal and repair also declines. In the face of UV damage, the skin is even more powerless to cope.

While not paying attention to sun protection in winter will inevitably lead to higher demand for after-sun repair, and Tinanik After-Sun Repair Cream is also born in time. After-sun repair includes two parts: sunburn repair and tanning repair, which generally follow three principles: cooling, moisturizing and whitening. Tinanik After-Sun Repair Cream has endothermic effect, which can cool down when used after sunburn; At the same time, adhering to the same skin care concept as Tinanik Sunscreen, Tinanik’s after-sun repair cream can also moisturize skin and replenish skin moisture in time.

In addition, Tinanik After-Sun Repair Cream can regulate and smooth the basal metabolism of cells, reshape healthy cuticle and enhance the natural barrier function of skin. With the strengthening of the skin barrier, the ability to resist ultraviolet rays will be strengthened, the melanin secretion will decrease, and the tanning trend will naturally be alleviated. At the same time, Tinanik After-Sun Repair Cream adopts natural plant formula and adds various skin whitening ingredients, which can go deep into the bottom of skin to inactivate melanocyte, stop secreting melanin and achieve whitening effect.

In fact, the concept of year-round sun protection has been popularized since one or two years ago, but it has not attracted enough attention, and many people can only remedy it through after-sun repair. In this way, it is not certain that the after-sun repair cream launched by Tinanik in winter will usher in the off-season rebound of sunscreen products.

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