IDYA building high-quality, robust, and scalable software and other related services according to the requirements of the clients since 1999

IDYA deals in custom software development and related services. They have more than 20 years of experience in developing custom software for their clients. They are experts in the fields of Java as well as JavaScript and android. IDYA have the best-qualified consultants, software engineer’s documentation specialist, and test engineers. The major goal is to create high-quality, robust, and scalable software tailored to the customer’s needs.

Hungary – Building software specifically for a user or a group of people in an organization is called custom software development. These types of software are designed to solve the specific needs of the user. Custom software is created by a third party or in house developers and is not for resale. Such service of building custom software is provided by a Hungarian based company “IDYA”. They provide custom software to their clients that are of high quality and scalable. The major fields in which they are experts in Java, JavaScript, and android. IDYA serves its clients with an experienced consultant, software engineers documentation specialists, and test engineers.

IDYA services include Pharmaceutical software, Enterprise document management, and custom software development. They have been dealing with development and large-scale document management since 1999. IDMS is the software that is built by them which is a robust, document management product and has a lot of features such as a document storage module, document approval module, and document distribution module. These modules can be installed independently according to the need of the client. And the license cost of lower as compared to the other common enterprise document management systems.

They have also build pharmaceutical software for the largest companies in Hungary. They have implemented software support in many areas, such as logistical support for clinical trials, validating electronic and paper document archives, and much more. IDYA will add other modules in the software as demanded by the customers. Their services are not only limited to which are mentioned. They use a lot of time and energy in testing software which is the most important phase in software development. Software is not handed over until it is fully tested. As a result, the rate of errors in the software is extremely low.

About the company

IDYA is a Hungarian based company and has been developing custom software for large companies in Hungary. Their services include enterprise document management, Pharmaceutical software, custom software development, and industry 4.0 solutions. Their main focus is on scalability, robust design, and efficient service of a large amount of data. They have the best software engineers and testers who invest a lot of time and energy to test the software until it errors free. IDYA has received a lot of appreciations from its customers in terms of software quality because they follow a quality-oriented software development methodology.

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Company Name: IDYA Hungary Ltd.
Contact Person: Szloboda Gabor
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Phone: +36 1 400 8184
Address:Kaldy Gyula u.
City: Budapest, 1061
Country: Hungary