Bodhi Beverly Hills Promotes Clearer Skin, More Positive Perspective

The products and philosophy behind them allow people to be reborn into better versions of self.

Bodhi Beverly Hills products are made with natural ingredients, both intelligent and unbiased. The brand believes that, along with the body, the mind needs to be taken care of since both are connected.

As the holidays approach, the need for introspection arises. And this is the perfect time to understand the philosophy Bodhi Beverly Hills upholds and how their skincare products work better because of that clear mindset. People need to unlearn false characteristics like veiled too-good-to-be-true chemical ingredients that clog up minds, ideas and skins.

Bodhi Beverly Hills embodies Bodhi, a Buddhist concept upholding spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. As a path of self-realization, this is where the mind, body and spirit become one. Embracing this philosophy allows people to rewind their awareness and break limiting emotional patterns and negative beliefs.

Applying this in the formulation of their skincare products, Bodhi Beverly Hills rewinds the understanding that chemical ingredients can help in bringing out one’s best skin and self. The brand negates that damaging idea and embraces the more effective ingredients that unbiased nature has to offer.

Bodhi Beverly Hills products include eye care products that can visibly improve dark circles, masks, moisturizers that do wonders on dry skin and serums. They are currently offering a year-end holiday sale of up to 25% off. More information can be found at

About Bodhi Beverly Hills

Bodhi Beverly Hills advocates for clean and cruelty free skincare for all.

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