Expert Home Service Shares Professional Tips for Preventing Frozen Water Pipes in winter.

Expert Home Service Shares Professional Tips for Preventing Frozen Water Pipes in winter.
Expert Home Service is the premier electrical services provider in New Haven with expertise in generators and other electrical devices’ installation, repair and maintenance. They recently issued some tips homeowners can employ to prevent frozen water pipes in the winter.

New Haven, CT – November 25, 2020 – Expert Home Service, a reliable and top-rated provider of experienced electricians New Haven, has given tips for preventing frozen water pipes in a blog post on their website. The best option is to find a plumber that can trace all the water lines and ensure they are protected from the elements. The plumber might find areas that are more exposed to cold drafts leading to freezing, and they may install a protective covering that gives the pipes an extra barrier of protection.

Another step they confirm can help is to leave taps dripping in extreme temperatures. This is a tip that many people already know, but it is worth noting. Leaving taps dripping decreases the pressure in pipes and ensures there is always water movement, preventing standing water from freezing and putting pressure on the pipes. Even though some people believe this can increase their water bills, it is a better alternative that does not pay but wins in the end.

Other tips this renowned provider of top-notch electricians New Haven shared include keeping all home areas with pipes heated, sealing holes and cracks that may allow cold air penetration, and ensuring the heating system is effective and strong. Not to forget insulations of visible pipes.

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