Actor Akeem Mair Takes Over Hollywood with Undeniable Talent

Actor Akeem Mair Takes Over Hollywood with Undeniable Talent

Films are reflections of stories in a different light, which often portrays various emotions and experiences. But a good movie is only as good as its actors and directors. The right combination of people, with incredible scriptwriting and production, will make the message of any film resonate to every audience. Akeem Mair is one of the most expressive actors in the industry, who innately exudes positive energy that transcends to every project. 

On September 16, 1988, Erol James Mair, an entrepreneur, and Queen Alice Mair, a public service professional, was given a blessing in the form of a young boy and named him Akeem Mair. His name was derived from one of the notable characters Eddie Murphy played in the film “Coming to America.” In the early years of Akeem’s life, he discovered that he had a flame for acting, which was ignited when he performed in various school productions at Linda Vista Elementary School, Pasadena, California. 

The audience’s reaction, along with the ambiance on stage while performing, is what made Akeem want to explore acting. After graduating from high school in June of 2007 at John Marshall Fundamental High School in Pasadena, California, he went to college because his parents emphasized the importance of having a strong educational background as a foundation. He soon after became a financial banker after taking college courses at Pasadena City College. 

It may seem that his field is far from his passion, but it didn’t die down the flames of acting inside him. An encounter with an old customer from his past job, wherein he said Akeem radiates positive energy and is very charismatic, made him realize that acting is his path. This was the origin story and the start of his acting career. 

With his goal to harness his potential, Columbia College of Hollywood productions became one of his training grounds where he landed two lead roles. Akeem played the role of an underprivileged guy, Jim, whose life ended due to his inability to pay his debts in the film “It’s all About the Money.” Another movie he was cast in was “What a Wonderful World,” as Frank Simmons, a homeless man who had another chance in life. 

As he transferred to the University of Southern California, where he was booked in films such as “Spotted,” “Born Fourth of July,” “Initiation,” “Old College Try,” and “Adagio,” wherein he showcased how much he grew as an actor after all these years. Akeem also starred in New York Film Academy’s films, “The Kidnap” and “Fine Line,” wherein he received various praises and commendations from directors in his performance on the latter. 

Under the supervision of his agent, Sarah Angeli, and Commercial Talent Agency, this young African American actor is taking the film industry by storm, proven by booking Dominguez Firm, At&T, Facebook, and TurboTax Commercials in a year. Like a moth drawn to a flame, publications were captivated by his natural talents such as LA Wire’s 40 under 40, NY Weekly’s 40 under 40, NY Wire’s Top 25 Individuals, US Reporter’s Top 15 Entrepreneurs, and LA Wire’s Top 20 IG Accounts to Follow in 2020. He has also signed with Minc Talent under talent agent Mariko Ballentine.

Akeem Mair is a living testament to one of the most cliche lines, make your passion your profession, and you will never work a day in your life. Be updated on his journey through his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, resume, and Casting Frontier profile.

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