Live Free Snuff: The Newest Product on The Market That’s Eradicating Nicotine Addiction

Live Free Snuff: The Newest Product on The Market That’s Eradicating Nicotine Addiction

One of the hallmarks of a great enterprise is its ability to spark innovation and adapt to changing times. One of these enterprises is Live Free Snuff, a CBD company whose mission is to change the habits of nicotine users and provide them with a safer alternative to nicotine. The company, who is single-handedly changing the CBD industry as we know it, has created a nicotine-free snuff that is filled with 100% organic hemp that is grown and farmed right in Mooresville, North Carolina. 

Live Free is a company that believes in the power of uniqueness and individuality and their popular product is perfectly representative of that. While encouraging its users to live a nicotine-free and healthy lifestyle, the company also emphasizes the many benefits of CBD and hemp and the positive impact the two have on its users. 

While movements have been made to prevent dependence on nicotine, the number of users steadily rises by the day. As a result, many individuals experience high blood pressure, heart rate, and a slew of other health issues such as cancer and heart disease. Determined to fight this nicotine addiction that’s all too real of a problem, Live Free is spreading their message and their one-of-a-kind product to users throughout the United States. 

Although a few companies have attempted to do what Live Free has done, none have been able to create a product that so closely resembles traditional tobacco dip. The creator’s of Live Free were passionate about creating a product so similar to traditional tobacco dip that nicotine users would hardly recognize the difference. That’s why Live Free has the same taste, texture, and flavor as traditional tobacco dip, but leaves out the harmful effects of ordinary tobacco. In other words, Live Free Snuff removes the dangers of smoking while taking all its positive impact and filtering them into a single product. 

While creating their unique product, the owners of Live Free also realized how overpriced most CBD products are. That’s why they decided to create a product that would be affordable to the masses and that was in the same price range as traditional tobacco dip. Live Free Snuff boasts five flavors that come in cans packed with a whopping 2000mg worth of CBD in each pouch that are sold at only $13.99/can! Compare that to Live Free’s competitors who sell a far lower amount of CBD for almost triple the price, and you’ll realize how unbelievable this product truly is. Additionally, unlike their competitors who use inexpensive filler in their snuff pouches, Live Free’s CBD pouches are filled with 100% hemp flower. Therefore, its users are getting the health benefits of CBD and hemp all at once. Live Free also takes pride in the fact that their state-of-the-art snuff pouches are locally grown by farmers across North Carolina and Virginia. 

In the years to come, Live Free hopes to continue its mission of helping nicotine users kick their bad habits and live a healthier, longer life, all while expanding their brand to more states and countries around the world. 

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